Anandibaa Aur Emily 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 30th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 30th August 2022  Episode starts with Anandi saying I will get rid of Emily. Gunjan says once Emily goes, Aarav’s name will get spoiled, we should get him married soon, do you know any nice girl.

Anandi says yes, that girl stays here in our house, we will get him married to Pinky. Gunjan gets glad. Anandi asks her to ask Pinky, if she has any objection. Gunjan says I will talk to her, don’t worry.

She dances and goes to her room. She gets scared seeing Pinky with the black face mask. Pinky says its me. Gunjan says you scared me, I m so happy, Anandi said she will bid farewell to Emily, and get Aarav married to you,

we will set the mandap, by chance if Emily comes back, you and Aarav will get married. Pinky calls her cunning. Gunjan says you can call me anything today, I m so happy.

Pinky says if Anandi knows about us, then… Gunjan says yes, you are right, thanks, I love you. Pinky gets happy and says I love you too. Gunjan goes. Pinky says I will get married to Aarav. Emily packs her bags. She sees the clothes disappearing from her bag again and again. Emily calls Bhagwan. He asks her to face the situation and not run away. Emily thinks. Aarav and Jaman wait for Emily outside the house.

Aarav says I asked her to go to market, she will go, I m sure she will go, I will explain her that we should elope. Jaman says but you can talk at home also. Aarav says no, Anandi is just after the truth, Gunjan is preparing Pinky and my marriage, if Emily goes,

then my America dreams will break. Jaman says no, we will go to market and talk to her. Aarav asks will she come, yes, she will come. Gunjan sees Anandi. She acts and reads the bad news. Anandi hears this.

Gunjan says a robbers’ gang is roaming in the city, when they get caught, then they blame the family member itself, we will not think negative, we will do Emily’s bidaai, and Aarav’s marriage with Pinky, we will invite everyone. Anandi says he never goes against me, where is he. Gunjan thinks to talk to Aarav. She looks for Aarav.

She sees Pinky with the mask again. She says you will give me a heart attack. Pinky says I have thought of Aarav and my wedding rounds. Gunjan asks her not to use her mind. She asks Emily and asks where are you going.

Emily says he asked me to buy few things. Payal says I will miss everything here. Pinky asks are you going somewhere. Payal says no, I was saying that Emily will feel so, she is leaving. Gunjan says I will take Emily to the market.

Gunjan and Emily go. Aarav sees Emily and runs to her. He sees Gunjan and hides. He asks how did Gunjan come there, shall I go in front of her and talk to Emily. Jaman says yes, go, you think she will ask you to go with Emily.

Aarav says I can’t lose my ticket to America. Gunjan is at some store. Aarav takes Emily with her. Gunjan sees Emily gone. She asks where is Emily, she was here. She thinks if Emily runs away, then my plan will fail.

She calls out Emily. She looks for Emily. Inspector Sangeeta calls her. She says Chirag’s family is ready to come, shall we come. Gunjan says yes, but Emily disappeared from the market, come here fast and help me.

Aarav says Emily, listen to me carefully. They hide from Gunjan. Jaman and Aarav fool Gunjan. Gunjan goes. Aarav says listen to me Emily. Emily asks are you going to marry Pinky. Aarav holds her hand and says no way, I want to always hold your hand, I love you Emily. She looks at him.

He says our husband and wife relation didn’t start, but our hearts are connected, will you break this connection and have a connection with someone else. She asks what shall we go. Aarav says we should run away.

She says no, we are not cowards to run away, I will talk to Anandi. He says no, she will send you with Chirag, we have just one way. She says no, running away isn’t a right way. He says I know, you are thinking that mum defended you before, mum just does what is right, so I m scared,

if we get a proof of Chirag and your marriage, then she will send you. Emily says I don’t want to go with him, we can’t give up. He says I can’t lose you. She says even I can’t lose you, but we won’t run away. He asks her to think of it, that lady inspector will separate them forever. Gunjan meets Sangeeta.

She says Emily disappeared from the store, I m not finding her anywhere. Sangeeta says come with me, we will find Emily. Aarav asks Emily to understand, they have no other option.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 31st August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav says I want Emily and Chirag to marry here in this mandap. Jalpa shouts no.


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