Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th July 2022 Episode starts with Aarav explaining Anandi that Emily came instead Mridula. Anandi scolds Aarav.

Aaghya asks what will people say now, that you went against mum. Gunjan says I can’t believe this. Anandi asks how could you get the American girl in my house, ask this girl to leave the house. Jaman says the hotel doesn’t have lights. Aarav says Emily will get scared. Jaman says she can get her head hurt.

Anandi asks them to make Emily leave. Emily says okay, I will go. Gunjan says she spoke in Hindi. Jaman says she talks in Hindi a little bit.

Emily apologizes to Anandi. Jaman takes Emily. Aarav calls him and says Emily got upset with me. Jaman says I have arranged her stay, you forget America, think of any other country. Aarav asks why.

Jaman says Emily is like Mridula’s daughter, Emily will complain about you. Aarav says go to the terrace and make me talk to her. Jaman says I left from there, I reached the temple. Aarav says ring the temple bell.

Jaman says I will go to the terrace. Aarav says make a video call, I will apologize to her. Jaman goes to the terrace. He sees Emily playing Garba. He says Aarav, she is playing Garba. Aarav asks him to show him.

Aarav sees her and says she is killing mosquitoes, poor girl. Jaman goes to her. Emily says mosquitoes aren’t going away. Jaman says they won’t die. Aarav apologizes to Emily. She says you lied to me, your mum scolded me, I m in the mosquito world, is this the deluxe AC room. She gets angry.

Aarav says I have to meet her and apologize. Emily says kill it. Jaman says kill Aarav for a little thing. Emily says this mosquito. She slaps him and kills the mosquito. Its morning, Anandi and Gunjan meet the neighbor ladies.

Gunjan calls her sister and asks her to make the food. She says Baa and I finished the shopping, we can come home anytime, just tell Baa that you have made it, you have to impress Baa. Pinky says yes, you didn’t tell me to ignite the stove, you always tell me half of the things.

Gunjan asks her to warm the food and keep it ready. They come home. Anandi is tired. Gunjan says its good smell of the food. Anandi says many married couples greet me and make me tired. Gunjan tries to tell Anandi about the good prepared by Pinky. Anandi smiles. Pinky does a drama. Anandi says I liked Gunjan’s homemade food a lot and made her my bahu.

Gulab meets the family and says Parimal Baba gave me a solution and asked me to walk backwards. Anandi asks Kanchan to explain Gulab. Gunjan says yes, he does weird things. Kanchan cries and says we just get taunts here, I m staying in my Maayka and feel ashamed.

Gulab says I will not walk forward until I get successful in business. Everyone likes the food. Anandi tastes the food and likes it. Pinky asks Anandi to say something to her. Gunjan asks Anandi about Pinky, they can think of Aarav and Pinky. Kanchan starts crying on her bad fate.

She gets complaining and misses her elder brother. Gunjan says everything will be fine now. Gulab says something is burning in the kitchen. They go to see Pinky. Pinky says I was getting a warm shawl for Baa. Gunjan looks at her. Anandi says Pinky needs much time to become like you. She goes. Gunjan gets angry on Pinky.

They hear Aarav planning to apologize to Jaman. Jaman says Emily is really angry on you. Gunjan hears them and gets an idea. Aarav goes to apologize to Anandi. He pulls her cheeks and says sorry. She says don’t do anything without asking me. He says trust me, I won’t do anything that hurts your esteem.

Gunjan says we trust you, you are getting late, you can go now. Aarav leaves. Gunjan gives tea to Anandi. Emily is at the temple. She says I was born in India in my last birth, I just love everything, I didn’t come here for Maasi’s land paperwork, but to find my soul mate, I will get my love here. Aarav comes. She prays to get a signal, who is made for her. Aarav comes to her. He prays that he gets forgiven. Emily smiles seeing him. He also smiles.


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