Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 5th September 2022 Episode starts with Emily tricking Kalindi and making her run to Anandi’s house. Kalindi gets scared and runs. She says I can’t come inside. Emily shouts. Kalindi comes in. Emily says relations shouldn’t break. Kalindi says you fooled me and got me here. Emily says I know I did wrong, you may punish me, meet Anandi once, she is missing you a lot.

Kalindi says I will forgive her for your sake. Emily says we will give a surprise to Anandi. Gunjan says I have kept an eye on Emily, don’t worry, I will expose her. Anandi says I m glad, someone else also worries for this house. Pinky comes to Gunjan to ask about ghee. Gunjan asks her to shut up.

Emily comes there. Anandi asks what is it. Emily says I have fulfilled your wish. Anandi asks what wish. Emily calls Kalindi. Anandi and everyone get shocked seeing Kalindi. Anand and Kalindi see each other with love, and then get against. They both ask each other to apologize. Aarav looks on.

Emily asks Anandi to just do it. Anandi shouts on her. She says you don’t need to interfere between us, I didn’t accept you as my bahu, I won’t apologize. Kalindi says I will go. Emily says don’t do this, she is your sister.

Anandi says I m not jealous of you. Emily says see, she loves you. She asks Kalindi not to go, its her house also. Kalindi says wow, you reminded me a good thing, its my Baa’s house, she gave it to me and Anandi, I will see who makes me out of here. She sits there.

She asks Aaghya and Aarav to greet her. She says I will stay here in Anandi’s room, shift Anandi’s stuff somewhere else. Anandi gets angry. Gunjan says come to my room, Emily has ruined everything, we will go there and talk.

Kalindi gets angry on Emily. She says I know Anandi will never apologize to me, I stayed here because your intention was good, help me now. Emily gets the stuff to Anandi. Gunjan scolds Emily. Emily says you had seen in dream that you are apologizing to Kalindi. Anandi asks when did I see such a dream.

Gunjan thinks will Emily take my name. Gunjan says when you were sleeping, you were murmuring, forgive me, my sister. Anandi says so what, why did she talk to Kalindi.

Emily says you are punish me, but don’t fight with your real sister, how can you break the blood relation, I have no sibling, so I know the value of brother and sister. Anandi says some relations break that it gets impossible for them to join, but you will not understand this, its better that you don’t get between us.

Emily and Payal take the food to Kalindi. Emily talks to Kalindi. Kalindi says Anandi and I grew in this house, Anandi used to do mischief and got me scolded. She shows the pics and talks of the childhood. Emily says you want to patch up with her. Kalindi says no. Emily says I will get your friendship done.

Emily and Payal play the game, and see Anandi. They try to get Kalindi and Anandi into the game. Anandi and Kalindi play the game. Anandi wins. Kalindi gets angry and throws the ball. Anandi sees Emily and goes. Gunjan says Anandi will get angry on Emily, she will oust Kalindi and Emily also, we have to think how we do this.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Emily makes some food. Gunjan says it will be fun when Emily feeds the wine soup to Anandi.


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