Anandibaa Aur Emily 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 6th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav and Emily try to ask Anandi about Kalindi’s stay. Anandi gets angry. Aarav says Kalindi got angry on Jaman when he told about the tomato soup, she said she will have it only made by someone, why did she say this.

Anandi says she suffered from typhoid in childhood, she got habitual to have tomato soup by my hands. Emily says she didn’t eat anything, she is hungry, make the soup for her. Anandi says you make it. Emily says I can’t make it. Aarav asks her to try. Anandi asks her to add Ajwain in it.

Emily asks wine? Anandi asks her to take Gunjan’s help. Emily goes to ask Gunjan. She says I want to make tomato soup for Kalindi. Gunjan says you want to unite the sisters, you are so good. Emily asks about Ajwain. Gunjan smiles and lies to her. She says add wine in the soup, Kalindi will get happy and forget the fight, she will hug Anandi. Emily says I will get the wine and make the soup.

Jaman asks what, wine in this house. Emily says yes, Anandi told it. He asks sure. She says yes. She gives her passport. He says I will get the wine bottle, think again, I think its something wrong. He says no, I feel its something wrong. She asks him to go fast. Gunjan and Pinky hear this and smile.

Gunjan goes to Anandi and does a drama. She says I have heard it by my ears, Emily was asking Jaman to get wine for her, she gave her passport to him. Anandi says if this is true, then she will leave the house.

Gunjan says ask her to leave the house, I will fulfil your dream, I will catch Emily red-handed. Emily adds wine in the soup. Gunjan gets glad. She says Emily will get ousted now, wait for some time Pinky. Pinky gets upset. Gunjan says do some garba in happiness. They do the garba.

Emily sees them dancing and smiles. She asks is there any special occasion. Gunjan says yes, Kalindi and Anandi will get unite because of you. Emily also does garba. Emily asks Kalindi to sit. She says I have made something special for you, I made tomato soup for you. Kalindi says I left having it.

Emily asks her to just taste it. Payal gets Anandi and asks her to have the tomato soup, Emily made it. She says if you don’t like it, then Gulab and I will leave the house, taste it. Emily moves the curtain off. Anandi and Kalindi see each other. They argue.

Emily stops them and says Lord makes siblings relations, don’t break it. Payal insists them to have it. Kalindi says I won’t go from here all my life, I will have the soup. Anandi says yes, it wasn’t my mistake, I won’t here to prove this, its my house, I won’t let go.

Gulab says they both have ego, they won’t have the soup. Gunjan says Anandi, show Gulab that you aren’t scared of anyone, have the soup. Anandi drinks. Kalindi also drinks. Gunjan sys they both are getting drunk. Kalindi and Anandi argue.

Gulab, Gunjan and Pinky smile. Gulab does commentary on their fight. Aarav tries to stop them. Anandi and Kalindi get intoxicated. They talk of their childhood issues and fight. Aarav says don’t know, why they started fighting. Emily says I think they got much intoxicated. He asks why. She says I added wine in the soup, Anandi told me to add wine in the soup. Aarav says its Ajwain, not wine, oh. She asks what’s that. He says its Indian spice. She worries.

Emily sees Kanha. She says fight got increased by my efforts. Kanha says both the sisters will get into peace, just enjoy the time. Kalindi and Anandi’s silly talks go on. They apologize to each other. They hug and cry. Gunjan says I thought they will fight, but they are patching up. Aarav says great, I thought they will fight because of the wine, but it has done wonders. Emily smiles seeing Kanha.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Aarav says its my dream to go to America, Lord has sent Emily as my America visa. Gunjan hears this and says if we tell Emily that Aarav doesn’t love her, then she will leave him on her own, this plan can’t fail.


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