Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 7th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav saying we have to wake them up, they are drunk. Aaghya asks what. Emily says I will explain you. Pinky says your plan failed. Gunjan says think when Anandi gets conscious and knows about the wine, then she will get angry and oust Emily,

you start preparing for marriage, Emily is going to leave the house. Its morning, Kanha plays the flute. Emily says yes. He says then accept your mistake and face everyone without any tension. She nods and goes. Gulab says its wrong, you are angry now, you had fun under the wine effect, I m saying, we will have wine every evening. Anandi scolds him.

Emily says I didn’t drink wine, it’s a misunderstanding. Gunjan asks what. Emily says Anandi told me to add Ajwain in the soup, but Gunjan said wine. Anandi looks at Gunjan. Gunjan laughs and says she doesn’t know the names of the spices, she came to me, I explained her well, she didn’t understand it,

what’s my mistake. Emily says I didn’t know Ajwain is a spice, I thought you asked me to add wine in a soup. Anandi says this would have not happened if a girl from our community came here, you can’t stay here, get out. Emily thinks Kanha said all gets well in the end, it got spoiled here. Anandi asks her to leave.

Kalindi stops them. Anandi says she made me drink wine. Kalindi says yes, but see the result, our fight got sorted, I know she fed us wine, we did a sin, we will go to temple and apologize, matter ends, you have become Saas now, have a big heart and forgive her, that’s it, forgive her, else I won’t talk to you.

Anandi forgives Emily. Kalindi says say it well. Anandi says fine, Emily did a mistake and I forgive her. Kalindi says Emily is related to you. Anandi thinks I can’t upset Kalindi. She says Emily is my bahu, she made a mistake, I forgive her. Kalindi and everyone smile. Emily hugs Anandi.

Anandi says I won’t take a min in making you out of here if this happens again. Kalindi says matter ends, come and hug me. Emily jokes. Kalindi laughs. Kanha signs Emily. She smiles. Jaman says Aarav is becoming a wife’s puppet. Aarav says no, she is just a ticket to America for me.

Jaman says you helped Emily for halwa competition, people do this in love, you are in love. Aarav says no, you got mad, I don’t love her, I feel bad when she makes a sad face. Gunjan and Pinky hear them. Aarav says I don’t love Emily, she is just a ticket to America for me. Gunjan says Emily should know this, it will be fun, get the phone. Pinky asks for phone. Gunjan asks why. Pinky says to buy a phone.

Gunjan says just get my phone from my room. Aarav says I m also a human, my heart also gets confused, when I see love in her eyes, I really feel that she met only me here, maybe it’s a relation of seven births, but just to go to America, Emily is the ticket. Gunjan hears him. Pinky gets the phone.

Gunjan says give it to me fast. Pinky irritates her. Aarav says I don’t love Emily, she is just a ticket to go to America, nothing else. Pinky and Gunjan shoot a video. Gunjan says you have started selfie camera, foolish. Pinky says sorry. Aarav looks around. Pinky and Gunjan hide. He says we should not talk here, if anyone hears this, then things will get spoiled.

Jaman jokes. Aarav says anyone can hear it and say, we won’t talk about it again. They go. Pinky says we lost the chance. Gunjan says I will make Aarav admit this again, Emily will know this, I will create a big rift between them. Pinky says he said he won’t say this again, what will we do.

Gunjan says just trust me, I will give you a signal like doggy, you understand that you have to get a phone and start video recording. Pinky says fine, understood, I will make cat sound. Emily calls Aarav and asks did you get green tea for me. He says yes, I m making the perfect green tea for you.

Gunjan comes. She asks what are you doing. Aarav says I m making the perfect colour green tea for Emily. She says I m seeing a husband do much for a wife, I feel emotional, Aaghya doesn’t get a glass of water for me, he started to make me work after my mu dikhai. She goes to signal Pinky.

She says I m going to make Aarav confess, be ready, start video recording from the secondary camera. Pinky says don’t worry, work will be done. Gunjan asks Aarav do you really love Emily, you are making tea for her, you used to say that she is just a ticket to America for you.

He says I thought to not tell this to anyone, but I will tell you, honestly, I love Emily a lot, I see her everywhere. Gunjan makes a face. He makes stories and asks her to tell everyone that he loves Emily. He goes saying Emily is calling me, I can hear it from my heart. Pinky says I made the video. Gunjan says its of no use. Pinky talks nonsense again. Gunjan gets an idea.

She says if we put this seed of doubt in Emily’s mind, that Aarav doesn’t love her, then she will leave Aarav herself, this plan can’t fail. She smiles.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan asks Aarav to say the truth, does he love Emily or not. Aarav is drunk. He says no, I don’t love Emily, she is just an American visa for me, I love you America. Emily sees the video and gets shocked.


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