Anandibaa Aur Emily 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 8th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 8th September 2022 Episode starts with Anandi asking Payal about Gulab. Payal calls Gulab. She says Anandi called you to give you money for the tooth problem. Gulab is at the dentist.

Payal says I can understand everything he said, he said he doesn’t want the money. Anandi asks why is he talking like this. Payal asks why are you talking like this. Gulab shouts. Payal says he has gone to the dentist, doctor has given him an injection.

Anandi asks how are you understanding all this, he isn’t saying clearly. Payal says I know, when he used to take money and not return it, people used to punch his face. Anandi says ask him to come, I have made sheera for him.

Gulab says I will come. Payal says he is asking if he has to get something. Anandi says okay, get bhendi. Payal says he said he will come. She goes.

Gunjan goes to Emily and asks what are you making. Emily says I m making red velvet cake. Gunjan says we feel the person loves us but he has something else in his heart. Emily sees Aaghya and says yes, I feel the same.

Gunjan sees Aarav and says I knew it, why didn’t you tell me. Emily says I thought you will feel bad, he always stays busy. Gunjan says yes, you are right. Emily says love is blind. Aarav comes. Emily flirts. He goes. Gunjan asks about whom were you talking. Emily shows Aaghya. Gunjan says I know it, he won’t change. Emily goes.

Aaghya comes and says Gunjan, looking good. She smiles. He says that painting which I fixed looks good. Gulab gets bhendi. Anandi checks the bag. She gets angry. Gulab says you are thinking how I got the money. He recalls giving money to doctor. He says he gave me an injection to numb my face, I lost my senses,

I was just saying the truth. He recalls telling the truth to the doctor, that he has taken the money from his drawer. Doctor gets angry and throws something at him. Gunjan hears this and gets an idea. She says Aarav will also tell the truth after having that medicine. Pinky asks why would that dentist give the medicine to us. Gunjan says we will steal it from it and give it to Aarav, we will make Emily leave.

Emily asks Kanha to come, she made something for him. Kanha comes. She shows the cake. He says its beautiful, what is this. She says its red velvet cake. He tastes it and says its good, how do we make it. She says I won’t say. He says I made this universe, you don’t want to tell the cake recipe,

you want me to come to me to have it, fine I won’t meet you. She says no, I m sorry. He says don’t worry, you have to know the feeling behind the words. She says understood. He says no, you will understand it soon. Gunjan and Pinky meet the doctor. He says people come here to vent out the frustration. Gunjan says we won’t talk of any Saas bahu, you just check her tooth pain. Gunjan asks about the injection.

He shows the injection. Gunjan asks how much dose do you give to numb the face. The doctor says its just to numb the tooth. She asks about the dose needed to make the person say the truth. Gunjan steals the medicine and signs Pinky. Pinky says my tooth pain got well, your chair is miraculous. Gunjan says thanks, we will go home.

Emily says I made cake for everyone, you had it alone, I m angry on you. Aarav smiles and says I didn’t eat it, I have hidden it. She asks but why. He says you made the cake for the first time, I thought to have a romantic date, we will make a cake for family later.

She says no, Anandi asked us to stay away, husband and wife’s date is not allowed. He says I m not asking you to have honeymoon, we can cut the cake and have it as friends, friends can do dinner also. She says okay, I m ready, take Anandi’s permission, if she knows then. He says no, she would be sleeping.

Gunjan says we will inject Aarav and run away, none should know. Pinky says he will wake up from pain. Gunjan says we will do this when he is in deep sleep. Aarav talks to Jaman. He asks him to get candles. Jaman says my dad is making me wash the utensils, leave it, what’s all this, if Anandi sees you and Emily dating at night, then she will send Emily to my hotel, make someone else sleep in your place.

Aarav asks Jaman to come and sleep. Jaman says no, find someone of your height. Aarav says Gulab is sleeping on the swing and fell down. Jaman says you make Gulab sleep in your room. Aarav asks why will he listen to me. Jaman says he will agree, just tell me what I tell you. Pinky says we will go now, come. Gunjan says wait for some time, Anandi can wake up, we have to be careful. Pinky says I understood everything. They smile.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan asks Aarav to say the truth, does he love Emily or not. Aarav is drunk. He says no, I don’t love Emily, she is just an American visa for me, I love you America. Emily sees the video and gets shocked.


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