Anandibaa Aur Emily 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anandibaa Aur Emily 9th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anandibaa Aur Emily 9th September 2022 Episode starts with Aarav going to Gulab. Gulab says Anandi switched off my room fan because of electricity bill. Jaman says ask him to go to your room and sleep in AC. Aarav tells as Jaman directs him. He sends Gulab. Aarav says Gulab is going to my room from outside stairs.

Jaman says stop him, else he will see the date arrangements. Aarav stops Gulab and asks him to go from the staircase inside, there are less stairs. Gulab praises him and goes. Aarav says wow, Jaman, I love you, you are my best friend. Jaman says I love you too. His dad asks him to work. Gulab says I will sleep nicely today.

Gulab sleeps. Aarav brings Emily on the terrace and surprises her. Emily smiles seeing the lovely date arrangements. She says I got everything because of you. He asks her to come and cut the cake. Gunjan comes to Aarav’s room to inject him. Aarav and Emily cut the cake. Kesariya…plays…

Gunjan and Pinky try to inject Gulab. Aarav dances with Emily on Rangsaari… Gunjan injects Gulab. He screams. Aarav asks who screaming. He asks Emily to run. Gunjan and Pinky run. Anandi and Payal come downstairs. Anandi asks who shouted. Gunjan acts and asks who screamed. Gulab comes from Aarav’s room.

Anandi asks why is he coming from Aarav’s room. She asks Gulab did he hear the scream. Gulab says yes, it was mine. Aarav comes. Anandi asks what’s happening. He says don’t know. Gulab says you asked me to sleep in your room, I was sleeping, a mosquito had bitten me. Aarav says yes, I asked him to sleep in my room, I slept on the terrace, I was too sleepy.

He makes excuses. Aarav thinks Gulab is saying the truth, I have to stop him. Anandi says I think there is a thief in my house, last week my 4000rs got stolen. Gulab says I had stolen it, why am I saying the truth.

Pinky asks what will happen now. Gunjan and Pinky go. Anandi runs to beat Gulab. Aarav says don’t know how is he telling the truth. Emily comes. Aarav asks her to go to her room, else Anandi will see her and send her to Jaman’s hotel. Emily goes.

Anandi gets tired running. She asks him to say where is he hiding He says your room. Anandi says you won’t get saved from my hands today. Aarav thinks of Emily. She calls him and asks him to meet on terrace. He asks why. She says we have to remove decorations. He says yes, you always save me, I got trapped in your love, we will meet there. She asks him to come fast.

Aarav removes the decorations. Emily says Mridula took care of me well. She tells about her mum. He says yes, you are right, mum loves a child the most. Emily says this is my mum’s only memory, you are also special to me, this is for you,

open your arms. He says you can hug me, I won’t stop you. He sees the sweater. She asks him to wear it. He wears it. She says looks so cute, remove the decorations now. He says we will keep some memories, one selfie is must. She says okay. They take a selfie.

Gunjan and Pinky come to meet the doctor. Pinky says doctor will take the medicine from that fridge, I have seen it. Gunjan says you could have told me before. She scolds Pinky. She says I will steal the medicines before anyone comes.

She gets the medicines. Doctor comes. Pinky says we have stolen the medicines. Gunjan says it means she got fine. Doctor asks what’s so special that she gets fine on coming here. She says its your magic, thanks.

Gunjan’s son shows the family drawing to Emily. He says you are also family now. She smiles and thinks to win Anandi’s heart.


Anandibaa Aur Emily 10th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gunjan asks Aarav to say the truth, does he love Emily or not. Aarav is drunk. He says no, I don’t love Emily, she is just an American visa for me, I love you America. Emily sees the video and gets shocked.


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