Antara shocking demand hits Mrityunjay, Maya’s new fight against Ananya


Maya’s new fight against Ananya Adi begins to expose Maya

Sony popular TV show Beyhadh 2 is seeing lot of twists and turns in the storyline.Maya and Rudra’s love is getting stronger with the passing time.Meanwhile Aditya aka Adi seems messing up with Maya and her revenge against MJ.Aditya thus involves Ananya in his witty plan and comes together at Maya’s house for a get together party.

Aditya is taunting Maya while Ananya is getting too much friendly towards Rudra to provoke Maya’s anger.Where Maya is now having her fight against Adi and Ananya,Maya makes Antara against Mrityunjay cleverly. She takes her enmity out on Antara as well. She wants Mrityunjay to suffer. She cries for her past. She wishes to make their lives a hell. Antara returns home without Rudra, which rages Mrityunjay. She tells Mrityunjay that she has done a lot on Maya’s order, but Maya refused to come. He insults Antara, just like Maya warned her. She tells him that Maya won’t harm Rudra. She is sure that they will come back home soon. She gets angry on Mrityunjay’s madness. Maya makes a cupcake for Rudra. Rajeev tells that Antara didn’t go anything against Mrityunjay, her plans have failed.

Maya knows that her words will affect Antara’s mind gradually. Antara decides to become a strong person, without depending on Mrityunjay’s name and power. She goes to welcome Rudra for dinner. She has prepared the cupcake just for him. Rudra gets Aditya and Antara home to surprise. Aditya asks Maya if she is shocked to see them. Rudra apologizes for not telling her and inviting his friends for dinner. Maya welcomes them heartily. Mrityunjay gets a shocker when he finds Antara in her changed avatar. She tells Mrityunjay that Maya loves Rudra and will never kill him. Mrityunjay calls her totally useless for him. He finds her wearing a skimpy dress.

She gets into an argument with him. She tells that she is going for a party, to better avoid staying with him. She wants to enjoy her life, rather than bearing his commands. Mrityunjay doesn’t care for her. Maya serves the special cup cake to Rudra. Aditya and Ananya get an idea to anger her, by eating the cupcake. Ananya takes care of Rudra and makes Maya jealous. Maya apologizes for not knowing about Rudra’s neck pain. Rudra asks her to relax. Ananya tells that she got the special pillow since she cares for her friend’s little issues.

She shows Maya that she is back in Rudra’s life. Maya shows her rights on her love. Rudra tells that he likes the cupcake a lot. Ananya tells that she wants to have it. Maya snatches the cupcake from Ananya. Ananya asks Rudra to share the cupcake. Rudra asks Ananya to have it. Ananya loses cool to see someone else snatching her love. Rajeev worries for Maya’s rage. Aditya keeps an eye on Maya’s reactions. Ananya misses Rishi and tells about their last meeting in Maya’s house. Aditya and Ananya’s team strikes at Maya. Maya feels upset and taunts on them. They realize that their plan is working.

Mrityunjay knows Maya has poisoned Antara’s mind. He doesn’t want Antara to become a threat for him. He tells that he isn’t wrong to care much for his son and wants to save him from Maya. Maya confronts Ananya for getting friendly with Rudra once again. Mrityunjay wants to hatch a plan against Maya. He misses Rishi and Rudra in his house. He feels lonely after losing everything. Antara shocks him by asking for divorce and a huge alimony. Maya gets glad by dividing them.

How Maya will overcome the two new hurdles aka troubles in her revenge plans,

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