Anupama 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update


Anupama 14th July 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 14th July 2022 Kavya notices Vanraj standing in a balcony thinking something and asks if he is thinking about Anupama. Vanraj says he is thinking about Anupama’s words. She asks about the upcoming guest in Anupama’s house.

He says earlier Kapadia family emerged from nowhere and now don’t know who is coming. She asks why is he bothered as guest is coming to their house, its good for Anuj. He says Barkha and Ankush would be having problem with Anuj transferring his property in Anupama’s name;

he is not proud of snatching their business under their nose and when being an outsider he can do that, Ankush and Barkha are the insiders, Anuj and Anupama’s weakness is they are very emotional. Kavya says they are emotional but not emotional fools, she is sure Anupama will manage this situation.

He asks her if she is really doing business with Anirudh. She says she took a business loan and will return it to him once she starts earning well. He asks if they are in touch. She says but just like him and Anupama professionally and nothing else. She smilingly wishes him good night and goes to sleep.

Next morning, Anupama and Anuj pray Kanhaji that they are becoming parents from couple and wish all the best for becoming little Anu’s parents. Anuj leaves excitedly expressing his love for her.

Barkha and Ankush stand confused seeing that. At Shah house, Hasmukh with Kinjal and Vanraj returns from a morning walk. He asks Leela to accompany them for the walk. Leela asks who will do household chores then and jokes. Kinjal goes to freshen up. Vanraj emotionally hugs and thanks Leela and says he realized the pain of a mother after seeing his dauther’s pain.

Leela also gets emotional and then asks about Hasmukh’s angioplasty. Vanraj says doctor told they shouldn’t delay it. Hasmukh says let us concentrate on Kinjal’s delivery and then think about his surgery as he has already lived his life. Vanraj feels helpless for not taking proper care of his father. Hasmukh asks him not to feel disappointed as she will be completely fine after seeing Kinjal’s baby, he is eagerly waiting for a new family member is their house.

Little Anu carrying her bag walks to Anuj and calls him papa. Anuj emotionally pampers her. Little Anu asks if mummy didn’t come. Anuj says she is waiting at their house. Anupama excitedly prepares cakes and snacks for Little Anu. Sara joins her. Barkha, and Adhik get tensed seeing that and discuss if Anupama is shifting her parents or Pakhi here. Ankush asks them to chill till the evening.

Anupama thinks she is eagerly waiting for the evening. In the evening, Anu walks in calling Anupama as mummy. Barkha, Adhik, and Ankush stand shocked hearing that. Abhi Mujhme plays in the background. Little Anu runs to Anupama calling her mummy again. Anupama hugs her with extended hands. Anuj joins them. They both perform Little Anu’s aarti and perform her graha pravesh.

Anuj and Anupama introduce little Anu to the family as their daughter and they are her foster parents. Sara connects with little Anu. Barkha gets jealous seeing that. Little Anu takes GK’s blessings. GK gifts her silver anklets. Little Anu jumps with happiness. GK says Anuj was the most adorable till now and she is the most adorable from hereon. Little Anu asks who are they.

Anuj says her kaka and kaki/uncle and aunt. Little Anu hugs Ankush and Barkha and asks who is the boy. Adhik introduces himself. Anuj tells Barkha that his both Anu’s are lovely. He takes Little Anu to cut the cake with sara and Anupam. Barkha and Adhik feel irritated with little Anu. Barkha says who can tolerate a foster child. Adhik warns her not to say that even by mistake as Anuj is also an adopted son.

Little Anu calls them to join her to cut the cake and asks Anuj if the whole cake belongs to her. Anuj recalls his words that a single birthday cake is cut in the orphanage for all the children and says this cake and whole family belongs to her and she doesn’t have to compromise from hereon.


Anupama 15th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Barkha tongue lashes Anuj for hiding about Little Anu. Anuj says people hide even bigger issues. Anupama says one needs a kind heart to become a mother and not a body. Anuj says they saw Kapadias’ reaction, let us see Shah family’s reaction. Pakhi informs family that Anuj and Anupama are fostering a girl. Vanraj stands shocked.


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