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Anupama 15th October 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 15th October 2020 Toshu confronts Kavya. Kavya says anyways everyone are knowing about her and Vanraj’s affair, so let us together inform everyone. Toshu stands shocked. Kavya says he can’t like Nandini couldn’t. She asks if he ever saw love between his father and mother, he must have not; Vanraj finds happiness in her and she is Vanraj’s love; so instead of creating issue, Toshu should become Vanraj’s best man and attend wedding. She then shouts at him to get out. Toshu walks away silently. Kavya then calls Vanraj and informs him what happened. Vanraj scolds her that she spoilt the whole situation and if her family’s happiness is at stake, he will not spare her and will never marry her. Kavya gets worried realizing her mistake and hopes Vanraj marries her. Baa asks Vanraj to come and sit with them. Sanjay sits next to Vanraj and informs that Toshu found out about his and Kavya’s affair and soon whole family will come to know about it, a small spark can burn whole house, so he should be careful. Vanraj says he will handle it. Sanjay better for him. Toshu and Nandini angrily look at Vanraj. Dolly asks Vanraj to come and sit with bhabhi.

After sometime, Devika helps Anu get ready and taunts her if she should decorate room or book hotel room for her suhagraat. Anu shies. Devika says she will trouble jijaji and will not let him in until he gives nek/gift. Anu asks not to trouble Vanraj. Devika says she will trouble her then and tickles her.

Vanraj enjoys tea on terrace. Toshu walks to Vanraj. Vanraj thinks Toshu found out one truth and should understand another truth that children cannot punish father as father is always a father. He asks Toshu if he needs tea and why is he tensed. Toshu asks if he is having affair with Kavya and if they are marrying, he himself saw their name in temple register and even Kava confessed it; if he tells it is a lie, he will accept. Vanraj says in his life everything is half, happiness, truth, lie, etc. Toshu asks what he means. Vanraj says he had an affair with Kavya, but not now; he married Anu following his father’s order, but never loved Anu; he needed a companion who could understand him and is like minded, Kavya was the girl. Toshu says that doesn’t mean he will have an affair, mummy never had an affair. Vanraj says he is not justifying, he is confessing his mistake like Toshu used to confess his mistake in childhood; he wants to be Toshu’s hero always, so he corrected his mistake and stepped back. Toshu says he would never think of betraying Kinjal, couple fights but never let any third person between them, its not a mistake but betrayal. Vanraj says he was afraid of this situation, mistakes always hound them back and they get punished.

Anu prepares tea for Vanraj thinking he likes only her tea and walks towards terrace to give him tea. Toshu continues confronting him. Vanraj says Kavya is going through divorce and is adamant to marry him, she is insecure and if she tells truth to Anupama, Anupama won’t be able to handle it; Kavya is his past, else he wouldn’t have proposed Anu, his happiness is in his family; when Kavya about his and Anu’s rewedding on their 25th wedding anniversary, Kavya insisted that he marry her, how can he when he has 3 grown up children. He pleads Toshu to not inform Anu and break her heart, he can tolerate anything but not Anu’s broken heart. Toshu emotionally hugs him. Vanraj thinks he had to lie to secure his happiness. Vanraj promises that he will not inform mummy and will perform mummy and papa’s wedding, he will not let insane Kavya near them. Anu slips and falls walking towards them. They rush towards her. She says sorry she dropped Vanraj’s tea and will bring another one. Toshu takes her along. Vanraj thanks god that he Anuu didn’t hear their conversation and he handled Toshu well, don’t know how will he manage both wedding.

Kavya calls him and asks if he handled Toshu. He says yes and she need not worry. Kavya says tomorrow they will be husband wife, how is he feeling on his last day as boyfriend, she realized what is love after meeting him and will realize what is marriage after marrying him, thanks for coming in his life. She informs him that their wedding muhurat is at 8 a.m. and he should reach temple before 8 a.m. Baa with Bapuji walks in and informs Vanraj that wedding muhurat is at 8:30 a.m., Pandit will reach by 8 p.m., and Vanraj shouldn’t get out of house before wedding finishes. Vanraj thinks how will he manage. Anu brings him tea. He asks her to bring tea to his room. She follows. He closes door and hugs her. She feels shy. He says he wouldn’t waste time to romance and will will find time always, but he cannot change his boss who wants him to visit office for a meeting before 8 p.m., so she should handle the situation at home and not inform Baa. Anu asks how can she. He says he will deny boss, though boss may get angry on him. Anu says she will handle Baa and he can attend meeting. Vanraj hugs him and thinks she is too innocent who is helping her hand to marry another girl.


Anupama 16th October 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya reaches temple as bride and messages Vanraj.Vanraj replies see you soon. Kavya thinks she will snatch Anu’s mangalsutra. Vanraj’s handcuff stucks in Anu’s sari, and she says even Kanhaji doesn’t want him to go. He frees his cuff saying wherever he goes he will return to her.


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