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Anupama 1st June 2021 Anupama comes to Advait and calls him. Advait asks if you are upset with me that I didn’t tell you about my shampoo. Anupama laughs. He says I have done vanraj and kavya’s marriage arrangement so I thought. Anupama says if you are just my friend and says friends and doctors shall help everyone. He says do you know why I praise you, due to lungs. He asks how calmly she is handling Vanraj and Kavya’s marriage. Anupama says when their relation broke, she felt much pain and asks why to cry looking at the injury mark now. She says I needed to come out now. He jokes. Anupama says thank god, you are not poet.

She thinks Mr. Shah shall not back off, and this marriage shall happen. Kavya comes to the mandap holding the umbrella and asks Pandit ji if he got all the stuff and says it will not be here. He says yes. Rakhi says neither groom nor his family came? Kavya calls V and asks him to come as the mahurat is here. Baa asks her to come inside and take him out. Kavya says I will see this old lady later and asks Rakhi to hold her lehenga. Rakhi flatly refuses. Baa gets angry and thinks Kavya has ruined Vanraj’s name and shortened it to just V. Kavya comes inside and searches him in the bathroom.

She wonders where is he? She knocks on the other door where Baa and others are sitting. Baa says your V is not here and asks her to search somewhere else. Kavya kicks the door and enters the room. Baa says these legs will do grah pravesh. She asks her to see if her V is here. Kavya asks where is V? Baa says you are not yet married, come home after marriage, take your 15 kg ghagra from here. Rakhi tells that blast started just before the clock striking 4 pm. Kavya comes back to mandap and calls Vanraj. She thinks why is he not picking the call, he miust have gone to Advait. Rakhi says both Anupama and Vanraj are missing and says we have seen them planning together. Kavya gets angry.

Advait tells Anupama that it is good that she met her doctor and says ifs he don’t want to go to resort then there is a temple on the way. Anupama says you don’t visit temple. He says I will pluck the herbal roots until you visit the temple. She says ok. Kavya says Vanraj is not picking the call. Pandit ji tells that mahurat started. Rakhi says you will get some dakshina. Pakhi peeps out and hears Kavya. She informs Baa that Kavya is worried. Baa says Vanraj did the right thing. Toshu calls Vanraj. Kavya still tries his number and shouts V.

She asks Pakhi and Baa if anything is found about V. Pakhi says we really don’t know where is he? Kavya asks her to call him. Samar says we tried calling. She says V got missing and you are standing calmly. Baa says we don’t know. Samar asks her to be silent. Toshu says we really don’t know and asks Kavya to go. Rakhi comments that emotions are crazy ball, once tears and the next moment fire. Kavya goes back.

Advait and Anupama come to the temple. Advait says he don’t understand why people marry, what is the thought process, that they shall marry. Anupama says it is a pure relation which connects two people. Advait says you think so nicely about it, thought your marriage haven’t worked. She says marriage is like current and if the wires connected well then the life will be happy and if the connection couldn’t be set then a big shock . She says my connection was wrong and I got a big shock. She says she didn’t lose trust on marriage.

Kavya desperately searches Vanraj. Baa prays for Vanraj’s well being. Pakhi says he is not reading messages also. Baa says last time, when he left home and gets worried. She says whenever he takes wrong decision, he runs away from home. Kavya cries and shouts V. Rakhi asks Kavya to relax. Kavya looks at Baa, Dolly and others coming out of house and looking at her.

Advait shows the herbal leaves and jokes that he will marry the girl named Shanti. He asks Anupama to try smelling the leaves and says it feels peaceful for 2 mins. Just then Anupama gets a call from Kavya and rejects it. Kavya says Anupama rejected my call. Rakhi says this means she is with samdhi ji and says he can change decision anytime. Kavya calls her again. Anupama rejects her call again. She smells the leaves and says peace. Kavya calls her again. Anupama picks the call and asks why is she calling her again and again? Kavya shouts where is my V?

Anupama asks if I keep your V in my purse, she says it is your marriage, your groom and your trouble, it is not her problem if they marry or not. She asks her not to trouble her. Kavya asks her to come right there. Anupama says you have messed the dirt, and have to clean it, I will not come. Kavya says if you don’t come then I will file police complaint against Vanraj and all your family, that you all are stopping my marriage and torturing me mentally. Anupama is shocked.


Anupama 2nd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya is about to slap Samar. Anupama comes there and pushes Kavya, asking her to stay away from her son. She tells that her hands knows to make food and to teach a lesson to her. She warns Kavya and tells that she will throw her mandap with her hands.


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