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Anupama 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 21st May 2021 Baa gets surprised on seeing herself in the middle of the engagement hall and asks what is this misbehavior? Samar says you are misbehaving while deciding not to attend your grandson’s engagement. Baa says you are mannerless, I don’t want to come. Toshu says that’s why we brought you with the bed. Baa says I will go. Samar jokes that she has to walk through his dead body to go out. Baa says she will play music on his ear. Samar says ok, but don’t go. Toshu and Pakhi ask her not to go. Baa asks Anupama if she has done this. Anupama says no, I just gave an idea. Dolly says yes. Baa asks them to give her a chance to get ready for her grandson’s engagement. Dolly says we have done all the arrangements. Later Baa comes ready to the engagement. Nandini says nobody will see me now. Baa jokes that Samar couldn’t keep his eye off her. Nandini feels shy. Pakhi tells that they are playing the shy game. Anupama tells baa that her anger is sweet too, atleast she came for Samar and Nandini. Kavya says everything is fine. Vanraj says if others had come then it would be good. Toshu teases Samar. Baa says the first ring puja will be done and then dance. Advaith comes there and says I got late. Baa says it’s ok, you might take much time to wash your hair. Advaith tells that he came due to fear. Anupama goes and talks to him. Kavya asks Vanraj if he is jealous. Vanraj looks at them and says why will I? He goes and greets Adi. Kavya says men will be men.

Anupama tells that I saw on TV that when someone engagements happen, they beat the spoon on the glass and say something. Baa asks her to start her lecture. Anupama tells that she has given lengthy lectures, but will say a small thing today. She tells poetry and says she sat all night and wrote. She asks Samar and Nandini not to forget that they are in love, but not to forget that they are in the family, family becomes the shore when there is a problem in love. She says Kanha ji stays in true love and the love blossoms when you have trust in your life partner. She says life partner is all the family and not just one. Nandini thinks of her conversation with Samar and insisting him to tell his family what he read in her diary. Samar replying her that they can’t give stress to mummy. She gets up thinking about it. Anupama asks Vanraj to say something. Vanraj blesses Nandini and Samar for their new beginning. Anupama begins dancing while the song plays. Pakhi says he heard music playing in mummy’s house, she was practicing Anupama dances with everyone. She then dances with Vanraj, Samar and Pakhi. Banno song plays.

Adi captures the dance moments in his mobile. Kavya joins everyone. Advaith compliments Anupama for her dance. Anupama says she can dance all day. Nandini tells Samar that she is very stressed and insists to tell Anupama atleast. Samar asks her to understand Anupama’s happiness. Toshu and Pakhi begin dancing. Samar joins them and dances. Dil da maamla plays. Anupama drags Adi to dance. Adi dances. Nandini feels bad about hiding truth from them. She takes Anupama to side. Anupama asks what happened? Nandini says I want to tell you something, tells about her secret which she should have told them before. Anupama asks her to tell. Nandini says Samar knows about it. She says we wanted to tell you, but kept silent due to your illness and then divorce. Anupama asks her to tell what is bothering her. Nandini takes her outside. Anupama asks her to say.

Nandini tells that I can’t become what you are, neither I can become Anupama nor I can become a mother. Everyone is still dancing inside. Nandini tells that when she was in US, she met with an accident while saving a small girl. The car skid and the steering ring get inside her stomach, doctors had to do her surgery in emergency and take out her uterus, tells that she can’t become a mother. Anupama is shocked. Nandini says she always wanted to tell her, but was silent due to her illness and relation. She says whatever you decide, we will agree. She asks will you make me as your bahu even now, knowing that I can’t become a mother. Baa overhears their conversation and walks inside upset. Nandini says sorry to Anupama and asks her to say something. Anupama asks her to be quiet. Baa walks inside and sees Vanraj feeding sweets to Samar. Pakhi asks Baa to come and have sweets. Samar tries to make her eat sweets, but Baa throws the sweets down. Vanraj asks if everything is fine. Baa tells that nothing is fine, his mother has hidden a big fact from us, that his would be wife Nandini can’t become a mother. Kavya asks what? Baa says you are her Maasi, you must have known.

Anupama asks Nandini if she has written her own destiny and asks why is she blaming herself. She asks her to tell truth to everyone. Nandini is fearful. Anupama asks her not to be scared. Kavya tells that she knows about her Didi and Nandini’s accident but didn’t know about this and swears on Vanraj. Baa threatens to slap her. Samar says Kavya is saying right. Kavya says I really don’t know and feels pity on Nandini. Baa asks why your Nandini wants to make us helpless. Vanraj says how dare Anupama to hide from us. Samar tells that Mummy wasn’t aware of it, Nandini might have told now. Vanraj asks him to mind his tongue and stop defending his mother. Anupama comes there with Nandini and asks him to control his anger.


Anupama 22nd May 2021 21st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama argues with Vanraj to let them decide their future. She says they can adopt children if they want. Baa says you can’t take decision of this house, Nandini can’t become our bahu. Vanraj says even he has the same decision.


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