Anupama 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update


Anupama 22nd April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 22nd April 2022 Samar, Prachi, Kinjal, and Toshu discuss how much they enjoyed performing Anuj’s tilak ritual. Vanraj walks to them nervously. Kinjal calls him. He says he came to take mobile charger and tells Toshu that he did good by visiting Anuj’s house. Kinjal asks if he wants to say something.

He says no and walks away. Samar says he cannot understand Mr Shah, he had problem with mummy and why he is acting as sad now. Kinjal says he is sad seeing his ex marrying someone else, they were related for 26 years. Samar says problem is mummy’s happiness, Mr Shah cannot see mummy happy and cannot tolerate someone else taking care of her. Kinjal says they are the problem more than mummy as papa is feeling jealous of Anuj thinking he may snatch his children from him.

Pakhi asks if they are a snack packet that anyone snatch them. Toshu says its a serious discussion. Kinjal says handling papa is not Anuj and Anupama’s problem, but their problem is and hence they need to understand papa and handle it. She says Pakhi and toshu are papa’s favorite and can understand his feelings well. She then says people are waiting to spoil mummy and Anuj’s wedding, so they should make sure there aren’t any hurdles in their wedding.

Hasmukh asks Anupama to put her hand in a soap water. She asks reason. He says its called manicure and explains about it. She says woman’s hands start cleaning from cleaning utensils to mixing masalas, etc. He laughs. She asks her why he is doing this. He says a father takes over when mother doesn’t perform her duty. He performs her manicure watching a video and feels uneasy.

She gets concerned and asks if he is fine. He lies that he had oily and spicy snacks at Anuj’s house and is having acidity. She scolds him and asks how could Anuj let him have it. He says he had them hiding. She scolds him for his careless behavior and asks how will he dance in her sangeet. Hasmuk feels uneasy again but acts again. Leela walks to them and taunts Anupamaa though she is wearing a new engagement ring, the old mark on her finger will never go as she spent 26 years with Vanraj.

Anupama gifts her a befitting reply that the pain left her life, soon the mark also will. Leela gets more irritated when Hasmukh also gives her a befitting reply. She then tries to stop Hasmukh from performing manicure, but fails and walks away frowning. Anupama asks Hasmukh why Anuj is picking her up tonight. Hasmukh denies to reveal the reason.

Anupama gets ready to go out with Anuj. Anuj reaches in a taxi. Kinjal asks him to drop her mummy safely on time and make sure she is comfortable, etc. Anuj agrees and leaves with Anupama. Kinjal thinks a few dreams take time to fulfill, Anuj will give her the happiness which Anu always deserved but didn’t get them yet. Anuj blindfolds Anupama and takes her to a diamond jewelry shop.

He then blindfolds her. Anu is amazed to find herself in a jewelry shop. Salesmen shower flowers on her and welcome her. Anu feels nervous. Anuj makes her feel comfortable and says he wants her to select her engagement ring. He then delivers an emotional dialogue. Anu feels emotional. Anuj asks her not to cry and select the ring. Salesman shows her rings. Anupama recalls not liking her first engagement ring and her mother forcing her to keep wearing it. She walks aside teary eyed.

Samar, Toshu, Pakhi, and Kinjal look at the engagement ring they bought for Anuj. Hasmukh says it’s a very simple ring. They defend themselves that its an elegant ring selected by Anuj himself. Samar keeps it in home temple and prays Kanhaji to protect and bless it. Vanraj watches him.

Anu walks out of showroom. Anuj asks if he made any mistake. She says he is doing so much for her and recalls selling her mother’s gifted jewelry and buying a diamond ring for Kinjal. She then shares her long moral gyaan regarding woman’s love for jewelry and dream for owning it, etc. She says he fulfilled the dram which she didn’t even have courage to watch.


Anupama 23rd April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anuj selects a diamond ring for herself and excitedly shows it to family. Kayva taunts she would be obviously happy as she got a diamond ring. Kinjal says Anupama is lucky as she has a diamond which no one has, Anuj Kapadia. Vanraj and Leela frown hearing that.


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