Anupama 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Anupama 24th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 24th September 2020 Episode starts with Anupama asking Kavya to take action against Anirudh. Kavya says I don’t want any issues. Anupama says you are true, you shouldn’t be scared, he broke his limits, you should take action against him, I m with you in this. Kavya thanks her. Anupama says its just home for women, which means our world, you don’t delay in taking a decision for your rights. Kavya nods. Rakhi, Pramod and Kinjal come. Kinjal asks why is the door shut, I feel strange. Rakhi says what are you expecting, you think they will have good arrangements. The door opens. They get surprised seeing the lovely decorations. Samar and everyone dance on Shehnai….. Flowers shower on Kinjal. Kinjal smiles. Rakhi sees Kavya wearing Anupama’s saree.

Kavya signs him. Sanjay looks on. Vanraj goes to Anupama. Anupama does the aarti and welcomes Kinjal. Paritosh gets a bouquet for Kinjal. They smile and dance. Kavya goes to Vanraj. She asks what happened, I got decked up for you. He asks why did you wear Anupama’s saree. She says because you got it. He asks did Anupama give it to you. She says it doesn’t matter, I liked it and I took it from her. He says please, there are already many issues, Sanjay and Anirudh are having a watch on us, Rakhi comments unnecessarily, we have to be careful, you and me, me and my family, both are different, keep it separated. Rakhi sees them and asks him to come. Samar sees Nandini taking selfies. He joins her. Pyaar pyaar….plays….

The engagement rituals begin. Baa does the aarti. Anupama makes Kinjal wear a chunni. Rakhi says Zari chunni, I like it. Anupama gives sweets to Rakhi and Pramod. Vanraj gives them gifts. Rakhi calls her servants. They get many gifts. Rakhi hands over the gifts to Paritosh and others. Everyone smiles. Rakhi says I hope nothing is less. Baa says you forgot to give them blessing. Rakhi says of course. She blesses Paritosh. Pramod hugs Paritosh and says congrats. Rakhi says Kinjal wanted to see her ring. Kinjal says yes, I want to try it before engagement to fix the fitting issue. Anupama goes and gets the ring. Kinjal opens the box.

Anupama says its beautiful ring. Baa asks didn’t you see diamond ring before. Rakhi says she has seen diamond rings before, but not invisible ring, there isn’t any ring. Everyone gets shocked. Baa says Anupama would have lost it. Rakhi says you got careless and its a big loss, the family was upset when you bought the ring, what will happen now. Kinjal says mom please… Rakhi says let me talk, we are family now, just Kavya is the outsider. She taunts Vanraj.

She says Anupama is much careless. Vanraj says she can never be careless, its impossible. Anupama gets glad. Vanraj says maybe ring fell somewhere, where will it go. Bapu ji says we will find it. Anupama cries and runs to look for the ring. Everyone looks for it. Rakhi says its a big bad omen, right Baa. Baa shouts find it soon. Mama ji holds Rakhi’s hand and says I got it. Rakhi says I m not lost, ring is lost, this ring is mine. He says I remember. Anupama says it was Paritosh’s happiness, not just a ring. She asks Samar to find it. She looks for it. She says I couldn’t keep it safe. He says don’t worry, we will find it. She gets tensed and shouts.

Rakhi says the auspicious day got spoiled by Anupama’s carelessness. Bapu ji stops Vanraj. Rakhi thinks smart old man stopped Vanraj. Anupama cries and says I lost the engagement ring.


Anupama 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya says you never sit with Vanraj, so I will take your place. Anupama says if anyone breaks trust, then he will fall in my sight, I can never tolerate cheat.


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