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Anupama 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 24th September 2022 Kapadia perform shraad pooja. GK says he will send food to old age home and orphanage. Anupama with her long 20-page lecture talks about supporting animals throughout the year with food and water.

Anuj praises her thought and says when he was in orphanage, they used to feed animals and birds along with humans. Anupama still feels guilty for not fulfilling all her tasks properly. Anuj says its not her mistake that everyone dumps their work on her, its okay to miss some. He changes the topic to cheer her up and shows her snoring video.

Anuj hears Arya crying and due to her short-term memory loss asks wh is a kid in their house. Anupama says Little Anu is watching baby’s videos. She walks to Kinjal’s room and pampers Little Anu and Arya. She then tries to cheer up Kinjal.

Kinjal apologizes her for panicking her yesterday and thanks her for handling both her and Arya. Anupama says she is new mother and soon will learn magics of a mother. She notices crimpled papers and asks if she was writing something. Kinjal says she was writing her heart out and doesn’t now if she should listen to her heart or the world.

Anupama says one shatters both physically and mentally when they are betrayed. Kinjal asks what shall she do. Anupama says their situation were different, she was middle aged when she faced betrayal and Kinjal is still young and has a long life ahead, so Kinjal should think well before taking any decision. Leela walks in and calls Anupama.

Leela fights Barkha when she doesn’t let her meet Kinjal and baby saying they are resting now. Their verbal tussle starts. Anupama stops their argument. Kinjal with Arya walks out. Leela pleads her to return home and reminds Anupama stayed at Shah house when Vanraj betrayed her. Kinjal requests not to force her.

Barkha comments a new drama started early morning. Anuj asks god why he sends new problems each day. Vanraj gets concerned when he learns that Leela has gone to Anupama’s house. He justifies both Leela and Kinjal’s points and hopes Leela doesn’t create more problems there. Kavya hugs and comforts him.

Leela continues to plead Kinjal and blames Anupama for breaking her own house and now trying to break her son’s life. Anuj warns her not to start her nonsense again. Anupama says its Kinjal and toshu’s life and they should take a decision without anyone’s interference.

Leela accuses Anupama of trying to take revenge and warns Kinjal that Anupama is trying to make Kinjal like her, but she should realize that Anupama’s children were grown up and Kinjal’s child is still a toddler, etc.’

Pakhi meets Adhik and asks seeing his family’s wrongdoings, does he think she is also like them. Adhik asks not to say that for his Pakhi and brainwashes her that Anupama’s stubbornness is making Toshu suffer and hopes Anupama doesn’t do same to them. Leela continues to frighten Kinjal that a child needs a father’s name everywhere and she has a long life to lead, so she shouldn’t listen to a house breaker Anupama.

Anuj warns Leela that they are listening to her nonsense as they respect her, she should stop now. Leela continues spilling venom against Anupama. Anuj shouts enough of her nonsense now and asks Samar to take Leela back home. Anupama repeats that there is nothing in their hands, its Toshu and Kinjal’s lives and they both should take decisions of their lives. Leela walks away frowning.

Kinjal cries saying she is very bad that she is troubling everyone and separated Arya from everyone. Samar says whether anyone supports her or not, her younger brother would always be with her and she should listen only to her heart. Kinjal says she is so lucky that she got a brother like him.

Samar says he is related to Toshu by blood and related to her by heart, he will fight with his blood for his relationship of heart. He leaves. Anuj comforts Kinjal and asks her not to think what she is doing but to think what happened to her, she should listen to her heart. He recites a shayari to think only about herself and not people’s opinion. Anupama thinks Vanraj sounded worried about Toshu yesterday and hopes Toshu doesn’t do anything wrong.


Anupama 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Inebratied Toshu reaches Anupama’s house and threatens Kinjal to commit suciide if she doesn’t listen to him. Anupama dares him to commit suicide.


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