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Anupama 25th April 2022 Vanraj addresses Anupama as Anu. Anupama corrects him to call her Anupama. He then calls her Anupama and reminds her that they visited this temple for the first time after their wedding and used to visit it whenever something good happened in their lives.

Anupama says she forgot whatever happened with great difficulty, so it’s better he concentrates on the presence. He says he remembers bringing their newborn children here and when bought his first scooter. Anupama adds whenever he got promotion, their kids went to school for the first time, Dolly’s marriage, etc.,

and asks if he is happy now. She then walks out. He asks her not to get angry and offers her breakfast in her favorite hotel. She denies. She requests and says she will be Anuj’s fiance after engagement and he wants to talk to his children’s mother, she can take Anuj’s permission if she wants to.

Anupama says her and Anuj’s relationship is of equality and not taking permission. Vanraj asks if they can go then. Anupama thinks she doesn’t trust him, but since it’s related to her children and Hasmukh, she will listen to him.

Hasmukh reacts when he learns from Leela that Vanraj went to meet Anupama. Leela says they all barge on her son when he tries to speak to Anupama at home, so he went out to speak to her. Husmukh asks why today on Anupama’s engagement day. Leela reminds him that Vanraj will be Anupama’s children’s father always.

Hasmukh asks her not to forget that Vanraj is enemy of Anupama’s happiness and worries for Anupama’s happiness. Anupama messages him that Vanraj wanted to talk to her about something and took her to a hotel. Leela says it’s her son’s goodness that he will feed breakfast to Anupama first and then will speak. Hasmukh says Leela and Vanraj first speak to Anupama and then create an issue. He warns her that the meeting should end only in talks.

Kinjal says Vanraj is what he is, why did mummy agree to go with him. Kavya stands stunned hearing that. Rakhi enters and says for conversation, she heard it, exes have gone for a date on an engagement day, Vanraj never fails to surprise her.

Kinjal gets Malvika’s call. Rakhi snatches phone from her and informs Malvika that Vanraj and Anupama have gone together for a breakfast date. Devika hearing that asks if Anupama has gone mad. GK says even Anuj went to same temple. Kinjal asks what will Anuj think seeing Anupama and Vanraj together. Rakhi says he will collapses seeing them together and enacts a scene.

Anuj notices Anupama and Vanraj together and thinks there must be something important, so Anupama went with Vanraj. Devika calls him and informs that Anupama messaged Bapuji that Vanraj wanted to talk to her and hence took her to a hotel. Anuj says he saw them already. Malvika asks if he spoke to them.

He says he didn’t want to interfere. Malvika says Vanraj is interfering between them and fears Vanraj would do something. Anuj asks her to relax and says they are still parents and would have to meet whole life for their children’s sake. Devika says she doesn’t trust Vanraj. Anuj says they shouldn’t worry when they trust Anupama,

Anupama will handle the issue and he will not spare Vanraj if he tries to trouble her. He asks them to continue their engagement arrangements. Anupama messages him that she is with Vanraj as he wanted to talk about something. He thinks he knows Anupama will not hide anything from him, but if Vanraj does something again, he will not forgive Vanraj this time.

At a hotel, Vanraj asks Anupama if she messaged Anuj. Anupama says its none of his business. Vanraj recalls their last visit there. Anupama says he should feed Woh Beeta Din Yaad Hain.. song and keep listening to it as she is not interested in the past anymore. Kavya fumes hearing about Vanraj and Anupama’ meeting. Rakhi tries to fuel her anger and instigate her against Vanraj and asks her to take a decision for her life soon.

Anupama tells Vanraj that she remembers him kicking her out of her own house and breaking her down completely, the each pain he gave to her, etc.; says she is a mother and hence came with him, so he should come to the point or else she will walk away. He asks her to calm down and have water. She says he is doing all this to hold her in her back and not move on in her new life happily. He says he tried to stop her once, but she didn’t. She asks why is he doing this again then.

Anuj thinks again that he trust Anupama but not Vanraj, he will not be quiet this time if Vanraj tries to ruin Anupama’s happiness. Leela waits for her mother to come and stop Anupama’s wedding drama. Anupama repeats to come to the point or else she will leave. He calls her Anu again.

She reminds him to call her Anupama. He says Anuj is a good man and he meant it in the hospital, whatever the issues happened after that was because of business and out of his frustration. He openly expresses his jealousy towards Anuj and Anupama’s happiness and says he is an average man who cannot see his ex-wife moving on in life, he would have been bothered if he was happy in his life, etc.

Anupama asks if he is so bad, then he should go and enact as Ravan in a Ramleela. She tries to walk out. He gets angry and shouts at her life after marriage will not be a fairtale, men will change and even Anuj, Anupama will not be happy for long and her marriage will not continue for long.


Anupama 26th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj curses Anupama that Anuj will apply sindhoor in her hairline and it will turn into ash. Anupama walks away saying its her engagement today and she doesn’t want to mess up with a fit for nothing person. Anuj kisses Anupama’s hand.


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