Anupama 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update


Anupama 25th September 2020 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 25th September 2020 Episode starts with Rakhi saying don’t worry if you don’t get the ring, we will buy another one. Rakhi, Kinjal and Pramod leave. Everyone gets worried. Baa and Paritosh blame Anupama for losing the ring. Paritosh says we should inform the police. Sanjay says yes, he is right. Dolly says I also feel the same. Kamini asks what do you mean, the ring got stolen, maybe its stolen. Baa says but there is no one from outside. Kamini says I can see all outsiders here. Nandini says check us, I will give my house keys, go there and search, I m not getting angry, we are not thieves. Vanraj says Kamini….

Kamini says I didn’t mean that, I was saying about this maid. Anupama and Samar come. Anupama shouts and stops Kamini. She says I explained you before that Jhilmil and Gudiya are not outsiders, Jhilmil is my sister and friend, Gudiya isn’t able to hear or talk, but she has values, she takes my permission to have water. Kamini says I had doubt. Anupama says doubting is easy, trusting is tough, if anyone breaks my trust, he will fall in my eyes, I will never forgive him, I can tolerate everything but not cheat. Vanraj and Kavya look on. Anupama says I know Jhilmil can never break my trust, its my mistake, I lost the ring, you taunt me, don’t accuse Jhilmil. Gudiya hugs Anupama. She signs she didn’t steal the ring. Anupama says nothing happened. Baa says you are lecturing when the costly ring is missing, you never miss to give lecture, think of the ring, where did it go.

Anupama consoles Jhilmil and Gudiya. She says I will always trust you. They leave. Samar says if anyone else has stolen the ring. Anupama says the thief can be caught red handed or with the ring. Vanraj asks did you get the ring. She says no, but I will get it. Kavya says don’t feel sad, you blindly trust everyone, but Kamini maybe right. Anupama says Vanraj trusts you, same way I trust Jhilmil. She goes. Vanraj says I also think Jhilmil can’t steal the ring. She says she has compared me with the maid, am I on Jhilmil’s level.

He says she has just given an example. She says I m seeing you and your family, I m thankful to Anirudh, I started to know you. He says think anything you want, I can’t change your thoughts, I have work stress and your drama doesn’t end. Its morning, Baa asks Kavya when will you go to Nandini’s house. Anupama says we can’t send her until her problem ends, she likes to stay here, she is my friend as well, she will stay here till the engagement. Baa says but you lost the ring. She curses the thief. Samar says don’t worry, we will find it. Anupama asks Kavya to have breakfast. Kavya says you never sit with Vanraj, so I will take your place. Pakhi says mum’s place is in dad’s heart, right. Vanraj coughs. Anupama serves the food to Vanraj. She corrects Kavya. She says I know his choice well, you have it. Baa says Anupama is Laxmi of the house, let her do, you are just a guest here. Kavya says I have to make an imp phone call. She goes.

Baa says we lost a costly thing, no one is worried. Bapu ji jokes. Samar comes shouting and says I got the ring, see. Vanraj says thank God. Baa praises him. Kamini asks him to check the box. Samar says I got the ring, it fell near the cupboard. Anupama says I got Paritosh’s happiness back. She sees the empty box and smiles. Kamini worries. Anupama looks at her. Kamini goes to her room and checks her bag. She gets the ring. She says why did Samar say such. Anupama says so that I can catch you. Kamini drops the ring. Anupama picks it. She says you broke my trust. Kamini apologizes and says I got greedy, don’t call police, if Baa and my Saas know then I can’t show my face to them, I have no children or richness, I got greedy, I m ready to accept my crime. Anupama says who said poor is greedy, he just dreams to fill his stomach, just rich people like to fill the lockers, learn to earn, not steal. Kamini says forgive me. Anupama says you cheated me, you have stolen Paritosh’s happiness, you cheated all of us, how can I forgive you.


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