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Anupama 26th July 2022 Adhik returns home and informs family that he had gone to Shah house. Everyone feel shocked hearing that. Barkha asks what did Vanraj say. Adhik says nothing. Vanraj enters and says he himself came here to express his views.

Hasmukh questions Leela for not stopping Vanraj from visiting Kapadia house. Leela says her son is not a kid to obey her and when Kapadias set fire on a bomb, it would obviously explode. Anuj asks Little Anu to go to her room.

Little Anu asks if they both will fight. Vanraj sarcastically asks Anuj if he taught his daughter who is hero and who is villain here. Anupama tells Little Anu that they are not fighting and sends her to room. Little Anu asks Vanraj to visit her room for a cup of ginger tea later and walks away.

Vanraj asks Pakhi to accompany him home. Pakhi refuses. Anupama tires to speak. Vanraj accuses Anupama of trying to separate him from his children and says Pakhi doesn’t have courage to oppose him, so Anupama must have provoked her against him. Ankush says maybe he is tensed,

but fighting is not a solution and hence he should calm down. Vanraj asks what if his daughter would have stayed in someone’s house. Ankush says he would have got angry, but here Pakhi came to her mother’s house and hence he shouldn’t have any problem.

Vanraj says Ankush’s BIL stays here and hence he will not let his daughter stay there. Barkha warns him not to drag her brother in it and solve his problem himself. Vanraj warns Pakhi that he will drag her from here if she doesn’t come with him. Pakhi shouts she will not come.

Anuj asks them both to stop creating a drama at the door and speak instead a room instead. Vanraj continues arguing with Anuj and Ankush with his taunting words. Pakhi says she will not go from there whatever they say.

Barkha asks what is wrong is a daughter stays at her mother’s house. At Shah house, Leela blames Kavya for the problem and calls her makeup woman and Barkha as backless woman. Kavya warns her to stop calling her by name and asks what if she calls her swing woman, knee pain oldie, taunting woman, etc.,

and says everyone has their own choice like she does and warns her to calling her by nicknames and instead address her by name. Leela tries to speak. Kavya stops her and says she can take Kinjal’s responsibility and when Vanraj gives her some responsibility, she criticizes her and complains Vanraj; what shall she do when Leela interferes always.

Vanraj asks Barkha not to interfere between his family issues or else he will say something and then Ankhush and Anuj will react. Anupama asks Pakhi to go home now. Anuj also asks Pakhi to respect her parent’s wishes and go home now. Vanraj riducles Anupama for having an affair with Anuj and says her daughter is following the same path. Anupama says she loved Anuj and did everything in open,

but Vanraj had an illicit affair for 8 years while still married and cheated on his wife. Vanraj says she competed with him then. Anuj warns him to stop his drama. Pakhi says her parents can have an affair, but have a problem when she loves someone. She continues venting out her frustration and refuses to leave again. Vanraj warns her that if she doesn’t accompany him, she will have to stay at Kapadia house permanently.

Kavya decides to visit Kapadia house when Vanraj doesn’t pick call. Leela stops her and criticized Anuj and Anupama’s decision of adopting a baby and says she doesn’t know what Adhik and Pakhi must be doing there. Kavya says they both are adults and know their etiquettes. Leela says she is talking nonsense. Kavya says if she can’t go there, Anupama will have to handle this issue now.

Pakhi gives up to Vanraj’s demand. She hugs Anupama and murmurs in her ears that she is sending her real daughter away for her new daughter, maybe she will return to stay in this house permanently. Anupama stands stunned hearing that. Pakhi gives a sarcastic look at Anupama and gets into Vanraj’s car. Anupama stands crying outside. Anuj comforts Anupama. Barkha gets jealous seeing that and thinks why they don’t fight at all.

Pakhi returns home and throwing her bag away walks towards her room fuming. Leela stops her and scolds her for planning to stay at Kapadia house. Kavya starts crying and says she loves Adhik and luxurious life at his house, says she is tired of the drama at Shah house, and then criticizes Vanraj that Anuj is better than him as Anuj trusts his daughter but Vanraj doesn’t. Vanraj shouts her name.


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