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Anupama 26th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 26th May 2021 Vanraj after reading Anu’s biopsy report and confirming she has cancer drags her to a room. Kavya tries to walk behind them. Baa stops her and says her son and old DIL can create drama themselves and don’t need her help, so she shouldn’t disturb them. Anu asks Vanraj why is he creating drama. He asks if she is not afraid. She says she wants to fight, so even he should stop worrying and fight. He says she needs his help. She asks how can he make everything his, even her illness. He asks if she thinks he is doing it for himself. She says yes, its her fight and she will fight it alone as it was her decision to stay alone. He says stubbornness is no good. She says she is stubborn to herself and will be completely fine after surgery, so he should stop worrying about her; he gets angry easily and should act normal sometimes, now he should go before Kavya collapses. She opens door and sees Kavya standing. Vanraj walks to Kavya. Kavya says all the doors to back off have closed and he doesn’t have any other option than moving ahead. Anu thinks when women seeks helps, men think she cannot do anything alone, and when she doesn’t, they question why, she doens’t know what men need. She feels drowsy and sits down, thinks they will trouble each other if they stay together and prays god to send her home soon.

Samar rushes to Advaith and pleads him to save his mummy as he read on internet that surgery is very difficult. Advaith asks him to pray god instead as doctors can only try their best and he will try his best. Samar asks if mummy will be fine. Advaith says people say they should think positive, but the truth is there is no guarantee. Samar asks if they can do something. Advaith says of course, they should surround the problem and defeat it as doctors will look after surgery and family should look after courage and happiness; subconscious mind is very powerful and when they decide they will not die, their body will not die, so they will encourage Anupama so much that her subconscious mind will give her strength.

Vanraj and Kavya head towards court for Kavya’s divorce. Kavya says finally everything is happening as she thinks, his divorce is already finalized and her her divorce date is today, everything is perfet. Vanraj is busy engrasped in thoughts. She asks what happened. He says nothing. She asks what happened with Anu that he is tensed. He asks her not to talk about marriage immediately after her divorce as he wants to postpone it. She warns not to repeat it again and stop worrying about Anu as Dr. Advaith is there for that. Her lawyer calls her, and she informs him that she will be in court on time. They reach court. He asks why did bring him here as he had visited court just 3 days ago. She asks to stop behaving like this or else people will think its their divorce. Anirudh walks to them clapping and says nothing has changed, lovebird’s same chirping and yelling; asks Vanraj how is he feeling and says since he got divorced recently, he should tell how it feels when your own wife becomes a stranger and also teach how to move; his divorce happened 3 days ago and he came here today for Kavya’s divorce, how desperate he and Kavya are for marriage, he should have stopped hearing about his ex-wife’s illness, they both just don’t bother about others. Vanraj angrily looks at Kavya. Anirudh warns him to stop his angry looks at Kavya as she is still his wife till divorce. Vanraj holds his collar and Kavya shouts to stop their fight.

Nandini consoles Samar that Anu will be fine. Samar says mummy had to bear injustice always, earlier family and now god is doing injustice to her, why mummy got this illness. Nandini says anyone can get ill. He asks why didn’t Kavya and Vanraj get any illness. She asks not to think bad about others. He says he is not, but if something happens to mummy, even Kavya and Mr Shah cannot be happy and they will be punished for sure.

Kavya stops Vanraj and Anirudh’s fight. Lawyer walks to them and asks to get into court. Anirudh holds Kavya’s hand and says he will tell judge that he doesn’t need divorce as he loves Kavya and needs one more chance. Vanraj asks Kavya if she didn’t ask her so called husband if he will divorce her not, why did he come here then, he doesn’t even know what he wants. Anirudh says Vanraj tried to cancel his own divorce till the last time. Vanraj asks how does Anirudh know all this. Anirudh asks whom will a wife discuss with then. Vanraj asks Kvya why did she bring him here. Anirudh says he should have been home then, he would have insulted him from here. Vanraj laughs and says let us go in and make judge laugh with his funny jokes. Kavya shouts to stop and warns that she needs divorce today at any cost, asks Vanraj to wait and goes in with Anirudh.

Baa walks to Anu. Anu asks if she came alone. Baa says her anger accompanies her always. Anu greets her in and offers water. Baa says after hearing about Anu’s illnes, she had asked her maa to perform pooja at her village and came to give her prasad, she should keep it under her bed. Anu thanks her for coming instead of sending Toshu or Dolly. Baa says she told her not to divorce, but she didn’t listen to her. Anu says even Baa doesn’t listen to her and insulted Nandini; she doesn’t mind if anyone taunts her, but Baa’s taunts hurt her as she loves her more than her mother; it feels good when Baa loves and hurts most when she taunts. Baa asks why she praises her like taunts. Anu continues chatting and says their relationship hasn’t ended but became more strong. Baa says she decided not to see her again, but always looks at her window. Anu says they are worried for each other as she spent more time with her than her mother and have become strong friends who fight and cannot stay away. Baa says she mad her mother first and then friend. Dolly and Pakhi walk in. Anu hugs Pakhi and asks why didn’t she call her. Anu says she doesn’t need invitation to visit her mother. Their chit chat continues.

Vanraj gets tensed thinking if Kavya and Anirudh’s divorce is finalized today, he has to marry Kavya tomorrow. Kavya and Anirudh walk to him, and he thinks their divorce didn’t happen and hence marriage is canceled.


Anupama 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kavya informs Vanraj that she is divorced finally, Vanraj thinks he is badly stuck. Anu sees decoration happening and asks reason. Dolly informs that Kavya has asked Advaith to decorate cottage for her marriage. Kavya tells Advaith that she wants everything to be perfect. Anu looks at Vanraj.


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