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Anupama 27th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 27th May 2021 Kavya informs Vanraj that her divorce is finalized. Anirudh wishes her all the best and tells Vanraj that Kavya is no more his wife, so he should take care of Kavya and not misbehave with her like he did with Anupama. Vanraj asks if he is going or not. Anirudh says even he doesn’t want to see his face and walks away. Kavya excitedly asks Vanraj if he will not congratulate her, they both are free now and can marry tomorrow. Vanraj walks away tensed.

At Anu’s cottage, Shah family ladies gossip with Anu. Nandini brings Baa’s favorite chips and Samar asks what all they missed. Anu sees decoration outside and asks if there is some party. Dolly says Kavya has asked Advaith to make arrangements for her wedding. Samar says Kavya is unbelievable, he will not attend her wedding. Anu says its also his papa’s wedding and he should go for papa’s happiness. Pakhi asks what about their happiness. Anu asks Baa to explain them. Baa says she herself will not go. Advaith walks in and says he needs Anu’s prepared tea. Anu happily goes to prepare tea. On the othe side, Kavya while returning back tells Vanraj that she is very excited for her marriage and by now Advaith would have decorated a mantap in resort. She stops car and goes to get sweets for everyone. Vanraj gets more frustrated trying to loosen his seat belt and thinks he is stuck. Anu offers tea and snacks to Advaith. Baa jokes with Adi that she has a relative with long hair, shall she fix her alliance with him. He nods no. Samar asks him when is the surgery. Adi says whenever he gets surgeon’s date. Toshu asks her not to worry. Anu says why should she when she has her children, mother like Baa, and sister like Dolly are with her; she still has to see Toshu’s kids, Samar’s success, Pakhi’s wedding, and Samar’s wedding. Adi asks her to keep her positive attitude for her speedy recovery. Baa asks if she didn’t think about her. Anu says she has to hear Baa’s taunts. Baa says she doesn’t listen to her and instead scolds her. Anu says as a daughter, its her right. Baa twists her ears and says its her right. They both laugh.

Vanraj returns and gets more frustrated seeing everyone enjoying in Anu’s cottage. Kavya loudly calls Anu to come out. Everyone walk to her. Kavya gives Baa and everyone sweets saying her divorce is finalized today. She tells Anu that she knows Anu is not that excited like she was during Anu’s divorce and tries to feed her excitedly saying today her divorce happened and tomorrow its her marriage. Anu feeds her first and congratulates her. Kavya asks Adi to make arrangements perfectly and asks Samar and Nandini to take care of dance performance as she wants everything to be perfect and doesn’t want it to be boring. She asks Baa to prepare mehandi for her. Toshu, Samar, and Pakhi discuss that god is punishing them with a step mother, they haven’t learnt to stay without mummy yet and Kavya is forced on them now, everything is changing in their life.

Kavya happily dances on Manva Laage…song and imagines Vanraj dancing with her. Anu seeing that thinks Kavya looks happy, but Mr Shah looks tensed. Baa grinds mehandi fuming on Kavya and seeing Anu coming repeats that she is tired of grinding mehandi. Anu says she heard it but will not help her, she can grind mehandi in mixer. Baa usual scolds her. Anu laughs and then asks to speak to her son once as there shouldn’t be any problem in such a big function. Baa says whatever needs to happen will happen, she cannot stop rain if it happens. Anu says they can hold umbrella though and its up to them whether to open umbrella or drench in rain.

Kavya blindfolds Vanraj and shows him their wedding dresses, says he will look like her prince in this sherwani. Pakhi walks to Vanraj and gives his phone. Kavya says good she came, gives her Vanraj’s sherwani, and walks away holding her bridal dress. Pakhi says till now she heard about fathers getting emotional seeing daughter’s wedding dress, she doesn’t know how to react. Kavya then walks to Nandini and says she wants her to get her ready as she wants to be the most beautiful bride and asks if the pink dress will suit her. Baa walks to Vanraj and asks why he looks dull. He says he is fine. She says even he should dance excitedly like Kavya and informs that she grounded mehandi for Kavya unwilling for Vanraj’s sake. Vanraj thanks her. Baa says she is brining bahu for son while she has to bring bahu for grandson. Vanraj says Anu had listened to him, this situation wouldn’t have arrived. She asks if he listened to Anu; he was looking like Thakurji when he became a groom for the first time, now he is marrying Kavya who can be a good wife but cannot be a good mother and MIL. He says Baa should give her a chance. Baa says even he knows she cant, she can’t even become Anu’s shadow. She asks if he wants to marry or not as she hasn’t seen happiness on his face; he should become a groom if he happy and if he is not, he should drop the idea.

Nandini selects jewelry and makeup theme for Kavya. Kavya thanks her and says she thought Nandini would be busy wiping Anu’s tears. Nandini says they wipe tears of sad people, Anu is very happy and asked to attend Kavya’s wedding. Kavya says whatever and asks on which song she and Samar will dance. Nandini says she is not sure as Samar, Pakhi, and Toshu are not coming. Kavya asks who told they are not coming.

Anu brings jamun fruit for her children and Dolly. They scold her for climbing tree. Dolly laughs. They say they lost a chance of scolding mummmy for the first tiem. They all enjoy jamun. Dolly asks how can she be so normal when bhai is marrying. Anu says she was but not now. Pakhi says she should have asked them to marry in Ahmedabad and not here. Toshu asks why she is not bothered, etc. Anu says everyone deserves happiness and instead of bothering others, they should think of their happiness; anyways guruji has taught her to ignore. Pakhi asks if she will attend wedding. Anu says yes and asks what are they wearing. Samar says they will not attend the wedding. Anu says their papa is a bad husband but a very good father, so they should be a part of his happiness. Pakhi says they are not happy. Anu asks to be happy for the people who are happy.


Anupama 28th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vanraj informs Anu that he doesn’t want to marry Kavya. Rakhi taunts him that whether he marries Kavya or not, there will be a lot of entertainment.


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