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Anupama 29th April 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 29th April 2022 Anuj enters Shah house in style with Kanta, GK, Devika, and Malvika. Kanta plays a dhol with others dance. Samar, Pakhi, Kinjal, and Toshu dance along with them. Anupama feels happy hearing music and says Anuj came. Kavya feels jealous and Anupama’s engagement is so lavish while nobody did nothing during her wedding.

Leela says it was Vanraj’s second marriage which had to be performed silently, but Anupama is shameless. She reminds Vanraj that guests couldn’t attend his engagement due to rain and dog bit Panditji while a baraat came even for Anupama’s engagement. Rakhi smirks hearing that. Leela and Vanraj continue to frown. Anupama gets eager to see Anuja and prays Kanhaji to keep Anuj away from everyone’s nazar/evil eyes and protect him. Leela taunts Kanta that her leg is broken, even then she is playing dhol.

Kanta taunts back that her heart is broken, even then she is listening to music. Leela reminds Kanta that she used to speak to her with a bent head. Kanta says she used to bend in front of relationships and not Leela, Leela didn’t follow relationships or earn respect, so there is no need to bend her head in front of Leela. Leela gets more angry hearing that.

Sanjay greets Leela. Rakhi asks why he is with Baraat when he is Shah family’s son-in-law. Sanjay replies that he is also Anupama’s brother. Hasmuk welcomes everyone. Anuj touches his feet and hugs him. Rakhi taunts Vanraj that his father loves everyone except him. GK hugs Hasmuk and asks if he took his medicine or not.

Hasmuk says he did. Anupama gets more restless to see Anuj and hopes Vanraj and Leela don’t create any problem. Anuj touches Leela’s feet and seeks her blessings. Leela stands silently. Devika taunts her to cut 10% TDS and bless Anuj. Anuj hugs Leela and says she didn’t bless him today, but he will wait for a day when she will bless him one day.

Rakhi taunts Vanraj that Anuj must have won Anupama’s heart with his charming talks. Anuj then hugs Vanraj and warns him to stop playing mind games with Anupama or else he will not spare him. Rakhi tells Vanraj that she heard Anuj’s conversation. Vanraj angrily looks at her.

Anuj then meets youngsters and asks them to call Anupama down soon. Kanta and Hasmukh pull his legs. Anupama thinks why they are not calling her down and hopes everything is fine. She looks herself into the mirror and says she looks better. Anuj enters and says she looks perfect. She feels shy and asks what is he doing here. He says he came to take her down on Kanta and Leela’s advice.

He walks to her while she blushes. Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam.. song plays in the background. They both get lost into each other. Rakhi asks why Anuj and Anupama are taking so long to come down. Devika, Jignesh, Malvika, and Kanta support Anuj and Anupama and asks Rakhi what problem she has if they both are late. Rakhi says she doesn’t have any problem. They all mock Rakhi and shut her mouth.

Leela eagerly waits for her mother. Jignesh informs her that their mothrer will not come as he heard her conversation and informed mother why Leela called her here. Leela asks what did mother say. Jignesh cries and says even maa cried hearing that her daughter is calling her to become a pawn in her game, mother stayed a mother and didn’t become a pawn. Leela stands frustrated.

Anuj and Anupama share a romantic moment. Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam.. song contnues to play in the bacground. They walk holding each other’s hand. She slips and Anuj holds her. Vanraj notices them and stands jelaous. They ignore him and walk away. Jignesh taunts Leela that their mother sent blessings for Anupama and some conscience for Leela, Anupama’s blessings reached her, but Leela’s conscience is stuck somewhere in traffic.

Leela gets angry on Jignesh. Jignesh warns her to stop trying to ruin Anupama’s life and gives her a reality check. Anupama and Anuj walk down. Shahs welcome them with a loud clap. Even they both laugh and enjoy the moment, leaving Leela and Vanraj burning in jealousy.


Anupama 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama and Anuj dance with Shahs. Rakhi says their jodi is uncompatible and unworthy, even then its a fairytale. She throws money on them. Everyone get angry hearing her comment.


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