Anupama 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anupama 2nd September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 2nd September 2022 Anupama gets Anuj’s video call. She asks if everything is alright. He says yes, he just called her, and asks when will she come back home as he is not feeling good without her.

He says he scolded Little Anu for the first time and is feeling frustrated without her, he is losing his patience, she makes him different. Anupama says her Anuj is unique, a father has to scold a daughter when she does a mistake.

Anuj says Little Anu didn’t do any mistake. He says she is busy with Kinjal and her baby, but he is disturbing her repeatedly and he is sorry for that. Anupama asks him not to be too formal and enacts a Mumbai lady to cheer him up. He asks her to return home soon.

She laughs and disconnects call. Anuj calls GK to take him to Little Anu. Ankush requests him to let him take as GK is busy. Anuj agrees.

Leela scolds doctor for keeping AC on in Kinjal’s room. Doctor says she can conver the patient instead of switching off AC or else patient cannot breathe. Leela tongue lashes her. Anupama interferes and manages issue.

Anuj reaches Little Anu and tries to cheer himself in her company. Little Anu asks when are they going to visit baby. Anuj says he will take her soon. She says she will take him. He feels sad hearing that.

Leela applies kajal on Baby’s cheek. Rakhi argues with her for that. Leela argues that she bought up many children and knows how to take care of her great granddaughter. Anupama and Kinjal comfort Leela saying baby will get both great grandmother and doctor’s advice. Leela calms down.

Anupama takes selfie with her granddaughter. Toshu visits baby. Anupama emotionally delivers heavy dialogue and gives baby to him. Family smiles seeing his emotions while Rakhi looks fuming.

Toshu tells Vanraj that he became papa. Vanraj says even he visited hospital late when Pakhi was born and he was also overwhelmed seeing her. Baby starts crying. Samar jokes that baby doesn’t like papa. Rakhi takes baby and she stops crying. Toshu says baby was crying only with him.

Rakhi says babies realize what is right and wrong. Samar says baby knows about papa’s anger. Shahs ask Rakhi to handover baby to Toshu and go out with them to let Toshu spend some time with Kinjal and baby.

Rakhi refuses. Family convinces her. Rakhi walks out asking Toshu to at least try to become a good father from hereon. Family looks confused and thinks Rakhi is angry as Toshu reached late.

Toshu plays with baby. Kinjal apologizes him saying Rakhi isw overreacting. Toshu says its okay, he can understand. Kinjal says she missed him, he would have been present here. He apologizes.

They both talk about talking care of baby and sharing their responsibilities. In a waiting area, Vanraj offers tea to Rakhi and she refuses it. Anupama offers her tea next and says she must be upset with Toshu as he is jobless now, but he is trying to get a job and had been to Mumbai for a job interview.

Rakhi doesn’t seem to relax. Anupama insists her to tell what the issue is and asks her not to make an issue on their granddaughter’s birthday. Rakhi walks to Shahs and says she has made all arrangements for Kinjal and her baby’s stay at her house. Vanraj says Kinjal herself will decide where she will stay and asks if she can’t be happy even for a day.


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