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Anupama 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 30th April 2021 Anupama thinks family is trying to keep her happy as she is leaving home after divorce. She serves aarti to everyone. Baa emotionally cries, and Vanraj consoles her. Kavya gets jealous seeing that and thinks these people are behaving as if they shifted here permanently. Anu gets happy seeing her masala boxes there. Samar says her masala boxes were incomplete without her, so mamaji brought them here. Kinjal video calls Anu. Anu asks who is she and when will she come.

Kinjal says once her international conference is finished, she will return and they will enjoy a lot. Anu asks her to take care of herself, have food on time, and shows her masala boxes. Jealous Kavya thinks though location has changed, situation hasn’t; V and Anu are together even now and she is alone, worries if she will be alone forever reminiscing all the recent incidents.

Family cheers up Anu with a performance on Sawal-e-asmaan tha, Jawabon se bhara hai.. song and dances with her. Kavya signals Vanraj to come out. He walks to her. She congratulates him that he got one more chance to live with Anu, he is giving an excuse of Anu’s illness. Vanraj asks if she didn’t she Anu’s reports. She says its not written in the report that she has to stay with Anu and cannot divorce her. He asks if she wants him to tell Anu that he is not bothered about her illness and wants divorce. She says Anu’s treatment will continue for long. He asks if she wants him to ransack Anu. She says there are other family members to take care of Anu.

He says Anu is his wife who served whole family for 25 years and when she is ill, does she want him to leave her alone. She shouts to stay with her then as he has already called his family here and made a resort his home. He asks how can she be so insensitive. She continues arguing and asks if his and Anu’s divorce will happen or not. He says it will, but not on her terms; once Anus’ advanced medical reports come, they will know the seriousness of her illness; Anu needs both family and treatment now, so he will make sure she gets both. She asks if he will leave her alone then.

He asks why she compares herself to his family; Anu is his wife and its his duty to take care of her. She asks what about her, why he ignores her always. He says she should understand that Anu has served him when he needed her most and now its his duty to serve her and she should understand that they both are responsible for Anu’s condition. She walks away yelling. He thinks he is not that selfish and will support Anu when she needs it most.

Anu finds herb for preparing tea and thinks Baa will be happy with its taste and thinks whose permission to take to pluck some leaves. Advaith walks to her and say she can take it with Kanhaji’s permission when no one is around to take permission and asks if he can also have a cup of tea. She happily agrees and says she she will introduce him to her family. He says he is surprised seeing her positivity even in this condition. In cottage, Pakhi cries fearing for Anu. Baa says she will slap the illness and kick her out of Anu’s body and hopes Bapuji was here. Mamaji says he is here to support them all, but they should remind him repeatedly that he shouldn’t inform bahu about her illness. Nandini asks what if Dr. Advaith has informed Anu aunty already.

Anu asks Advaith what does he mean. He says usually people lose their courage hearing about their illness. Anu reminisces family’s concern for her and asks what does he think about her report. He informs that she has a tumor in her ovaries. She sis shocked to hear that and drops her basket. He says situation is serious, but doctors don’t give up easily. She reminisces all the recent incidents of family’s concern for her. He asks how is she feeling now, if she didn’t know about it. He asks if she will die. He says everyone will die some day, some early and some late. She asks how much time she has left. She says only Kanhaji can answer that, but he can answer at what stage her tumor is after her advanced reports are back. He says when thieves barge into home, they have to fight with them; similarly their body needs to fight with illness and he will help her in it. She walks away. He thinks he knows she is worried for her family more than herself.

Anu walks reminiscing all the recent incidents again and this why didn’t anyone inform her about it, her Kinjal hasn’t yet learnt to handle the house, Samar hasn’t started his career yet, who will take care of Baa and Bapuji, who will get Samar and Nandini married, who will handle Sweety’s studies. She runs and stops seeing border ends here board; thinks her leaving home was very difficult for her family, how will they tolerate her leaving the world; how will family handle her illness burden; she has kept her FD and jewelry for Sweety; Kanhaji should do whatever he has to soon as she doesn’t want to be a burden on her family. She lies down and cries loudly shouting.


Anupama 3rd May 2021 30th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anu asks family if they thought they will hide with her about family and stop her death by cheering her up. Vanraj shouts to shut up and don’t talk about it again. Advaith gets concerned hearing about Anupama’s advanced reports.


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