Anupama 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update


Anupama 3rd July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 3rd July 2021Vanraj apologizes Baa and children for the financial crisis at home, due to which they have to shave expenses, and promises that he will set everything right soon. Kavya asks Toshu to email her how much she and V should contribute and give printout to everyone to keep everything clear. Baa cries should they beg for charity if she and Bapuji fall ill, earlier she used to manage house expenses where 1 member used to earn and 7 used to eat.

Baa tells children its good that they don’t want to put a financial burden on their parents and are earning themselves; its good to understand responsibility and follow it, but they should give up under the pressure; there is a lot of difference between earning money and running behind it; their papa is right that they should save money, but not by sacrificing their needs; they should save as well as enjoy their hard earned money, etc. All children hug her. After sometime, Anu sees Bapuji sitting sadly on a rocking chair, mimics to hypnotize him, and asks to sleep.

Bapuji says he considers Anu as her daughter since 1st day of her marriage and wants to consider Kavya also as his daughter, but something is missing that she is unable to make us her dear ones and vice versa. Anu says even Kavya doesn’t know if she will change or not, but Bapuji shouldn’t change bause of her; she means like love changes a person, even hatred changes a person; whatever Kavya does, he shouldn’t remove his son and Kavya from his heart; if children speak wrong, they ignore it, but if he speaks wrong, it affects them a lot; Kavya thinks them as enemy and she fears they shouldn’t give her a reason to think so; he should continue loving Kavya as a weak child needs more attention. He says he will try. She says elder’s are very tall and need to bend to speak to youngsters. He nods yes. She acts as hypnotizing him again and asks to go and sleep now. He laughs.

Kavya tells Vanraj she needs to speak. Vanraj says not now as he is very tensed. She says even then she wants to and asks why everyone in this house are hell bent to become great/mahaan, why he wants to take care of all his expenses alone via his cafe salary when there are many others working in this house. He says its his responsibility. She says their savings is almost ending, they need to not only earn but save for their and their child’s future. He in shock asks child? She says in the future they will have children for sure and they need to take care of their education and good upbringing; he enjoyed having children but she hasn’t yet, so she need children at any cost. He walks away saying he has a concall. He passes by corridor and sees Anu.

Anu says she discussed about him contributing in home expenses from next month not to degrade him. He says he knows as he is understanding her since he separated form her, may be his near sight is weak and is seeing well from far. She says he was talking about bearing expenses alone; earlier they had only 1 family, but now 3 families, Toshu’s, his, and rest of them; so he need not carry so much burden as he already has done a lot. He says he wants to take up more responsibilities and seeing thermos in her hand asks if its tea. She says yes and they are planning something. He says Samar’s birthday.

She asks if he remembers it. He says when a person remembers his mistakes, he remembers everything; its Anu’s janmastami tomorrow. She says even tomorrow. He says its Samar’s 23rd birthday tomorrow, why children grow up so soon. They discuss Samar’s childhood days. He says childhood is like a magic, children forget it, but parents remember it. They laugh remembering Samar’s birth stories. She leaves asking him not to wish Samar happy birthday at 12 as they have planned a surprise. He nods okay.

Anu returns to family. They say they sent Samar on terrace to plan his birthday properly and ask her to not wish him at 12 and wait till morning. Samar spreads his bed on terrace fuming that nobody remembers his birthday and even Nandini must have forgotten it. Family plan about cake, decoration, dance, etc. Vanraj walks in and says he wants to celebrate Samar’s birthday.
Baapuji says they all know there is a wall of hatred between him and Samar, it takes years to build the wall and just a day to break it. Baa hopes that wall breaks soon. Vanraj suggests to gift him guitar and everyone like his idea. Samar goes to bed sadly thinking even mummy doesn’t remember his birthday. Once he is asleep, Anu wishes him happy birthday and blesses him. Once he leaves, Vanraj walks to him, pampers him, and wishes him happy birthday. Anu gets emotional noticing it. Next morning, Samar excitedly wakes up wishing himself happy birthday and walks to Anu and each family member, but nobody wishes him happy birthday. He thinks they must be planning a surprise gift and searches it in every room, but doesn’t find any. He then walks to kitchen where Baa, Kinjal, and Anu are working and asks what is the date today. They say they don’t remember even the day today due to their busy schedule. Anu asks him to bring bread for breakfast. He leaves sadly.


Anupama 3rd July 2021Written Episode Update Precap :Shahs dance on Chote Tera Birthday Aaya.. song and celebrate Samar’s birthday. Vanraj gifts him guitar. Anu says she brought him a gift but will not give it as Baa has his gift. She calls Nandini and requests Baa to approve their relationship.


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