Anupama 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update


Anupama 6th September 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Anupama 6th September 2022 Anupama trying to sleep recalls Rakhi and Toshu’s words and prays god to protect her and her family’s happiness. Anuj falls from the bed and starts trembling. Anupama panics seeing his condition and calls GK. Little Anu wakes up and asks what is happening to papa.

GK and others rush in and make Anuj lie back on the bed. Little Anu prays for Anuj. Doctor visits and treats Anuj. Anupama asks what happened to Anuj. Doctor says it happens usually after brain surgery and such patients need time to recover,

Anuj needs a family member with him 24/7 as he would be getting mood swings and tremors and shouldn’t hit his head anywhere. Barkha and Ankush assures Anupama to take care of Anuj and Little Anu in her absence as Kinjal and her baby may need her. Anupama cries remembering Kinjal and her baby and Rakhi’s words.

Samar and Pakhi make arrangements to decorate house for baby’s welcome. Hasmukh and Leela pass by and ask if they didn’t sleep yet. Samar asks why are they awake. Hasmukh says they were preparing laddoos for Kinjal. Pakhi says she is excited to see baby cot bought by Rakhi.

Leela says they don’t need Rakhi’s cot and shows her family cot which all her children from Vanraj to Samar used. Pakhi says its too primitive. Leela says used cot is good for the baby. Samar says she made baby’s life second hand. Leela scolds him and orders them to decorate this cot as her great granddaughter will play in this cot. Hasmukh backs her. They both leave for their room. Toshu walks to them with coffee.

Anupama feels in dilemma recalling Kinjal requesting that she needs her support and Anuj’s condition and thinks how will she manage everything alone. Samar asks Toshu why didn’t he stay at the hospital with Kinjal. Toshu says Rakhi didn’t let him stay there, anyways only 1 person can stay at the hospital.

They all 3 talk about sibling bonding and their excitement to take care of baby. Anupama thinks she wants to celebrate the happiness, but can’t. Toshu tells Samar and Pakhi that they will be his little kids from hereon. Kinjal clicks a selfie, uploads it on social media, and goes to keep coffee mugs.

Samar tells Toshu that Rakhi was behaving weirdly with him at the hospital. Toshu asks not to bother about it and say she will go and take a shower. Samar says let him switch on a geyser and walks in. Toshu recalls Rakhi’s warning.

Next morning, Anupama wishes good morning to Anuj. Anuj says this is a best morning and smells jasmine flowers on her hair. He then notices his hand injury and asks how did it happen, how is Kinjal, if her delivery happened or not. Anupama looks in shock. Anuj hopes Kinjal doesn’t go through any delivery issues and asks Anupama to be with Kinjal. Ankush and Barkha walk to him and asks how is he feeling now,

he frightened them with his ac4tt. Anuj asks if he did something last night. Anupama says he shouted in sleep. Anuj asks why don’t he remember it being a light sleeper and asks Anupama to go and be with Kinjal during her delivery. Ankush and Barkha look stunned. Anupama signals them not to question Anuj more.

Kinjal wakes up and looks at her baby. Rakhi asks her to be careful and asks if its paining. Kinjal says a bit, but this pain is nothing in front of the happiness of watching her baby. She asks if Rakhi didn’t sleep whole night. Rakhi says she couldn’t due to worry for them. She thinks yesterday she didn’t say anything but today will.

Anupama serves milshake to Anuj and thinks of discussing about Kinjal’s baby. She shows baby’s pic and asks how does she look. Anuj says she’s very cute and looks like Kinjal, he wants to visit hospital and lift her.


Anupama 7th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kinjal is discharged from the hospital. Rakhi say sshe will drive the car and takes them via a different route. Shahs and Anupama eagerly wait for baby’s welcome.


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