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Anupama 8th August 2022 Anuj tells Anupama that if Little Anu had not called Hasmukh home, both families wouldn’t have reunited. He says though Little Anu is born somewhere, she has Anupama’s sanskars/morales. Anupama thanks Anuj for inviting Anuj for tomorrow’s pooja to temple even after so much happened.

Anuj says this pooja is for Little Anu, Kinjal, and her baby and hence he felt both family’s presence is important, but they need to set the boundaries from tomorrow and hopes Anu likes it. Anupama says change is part of life and hopes they walk with raised heads after the changes.

Vanraj taunts Pakhi that she became her mother’s baby again even after yesterday’s event. Hasmukh asks why he is having problem with his family’s happiness, he would be the first man to do so; they went to Kapdadia house seeing Vanraj and Leela’s sad and frowning faces, but Vanraj is ready with his taunts.

Vanraj blames Anupama that she made him a villain in front of everyone and plays a victim card saying Anuj is a millionaire and set up his family in 4 months, but he is no one and couldn’t set up his family in years. He says Anuj has a perfect sanskari family and hopes evil eyes don’t fall on it.

Anuj hopes they don’t make a mistake which other parents do. Anupama asks which mistakes. Anuj says mistake of considering their dreams as their children’s dreams and gives example that mother wants daughter to become IAS when she couldn’t and father wants son to become a criciker when he couldn’t; they unknowingly force their dreams on their children;

he wants Little Anu to follow her mother’s sanskars and be happy in both luxuries and meager life. Anupama says she wants her daughter to be 50% like him who is both wise and emotional.

Vanraj continues playing victim card and blame game and says whatever he tries, he falls behind and Anupama and Anuj grab his happiness. Hasmukh asks him to stop always blaming others for his mistakes; if he has right to take a decision for them, even they have right to take decision of their lives;

he took decision to stay at home and they took decision to visit Anupama’s house and celebrate festival with her, so he should stop blaming and forcing his decisions on him; they will visit Kapadias even tomorrow as Anuj has arranged a pooja at a temple for Little Anu, Kinjal, and her baby. Everyone walk behind Hasmukh. Kavya asks Vanraj what is his problem. Vanraj shouts Anuj Kapadia is his problem.

Kavya asks him to think calmly. Vanraj shouts that he loses his cool whenever he thinks of Anuj and blames Anuj for his failures; he feels as if Anuj is taunting him and saying his whole family trust and love him more and determines to take revenge from Anuj.

Anupama feels tired after a day work. Anuj asks if he should press her legs. She stops him and asks him to keep his legs on her legs. He says his legs are heavy. She jokes if Little Anu is getting a little sister or a little brother. Back to Shah house, Leela tries to calm Vanraj and ask him to stop his stubbornness and anger as it will ruin his life.

He cries hugging him. She asks him to let his anger and stubbornness slip away from his hands and forget everything. Vanraj says he will not forget anything and will do something big tomorrow. Anupama tells Anuj that its good he didn’t announce his verdict today. Anuj says today was a festival and he didn’t want to spoil anyone’s mood, its necessary to stay far and be united than living together and be separated.

Vanraj recalls Pakhi and Hasmukh’s words and thinks Anuj has made his life a hell. Hasmukh tells Leela that he feels his long life is a curse on him and feels worried for his son. Leela says however Vanraj is, he is their son. Hasmukh says he feels sad that his son is unhappy seeing other’s happiness and fears his son may not do anything wrong in a fit of rage. Vanraj thinks he will stick to his words and take a revenge tomorrow.

Anupama asks Anuj if he is sure about his decision. Anuj says habitual lies will never change; she, Little Anu, and GK matter to him a a lot and he needs to end Shah’s and Ankush/Barkha’s interference in their lives. He says tomorrow is last pooja for him, he means with the whole family. He asks her to get ready like a bride tomorrow for pooja.

She agrees. Vanraj grins thinking he will end Anuj’s story after pooja tomorrow. He messages Anuj to meet him after pooja. Anuj replies K and thinks he cannot inform about it Anupam or else she will get tensed. Vanraj thinks he will set all his scores with Anuj tomorrow.

Next morning, Anupama prays tulsi plant and thinks today is very big for her as there would be line drawn between her and her family and hopes there won’t be any major issues. Anuj braids Little Anu’s hair. Ankush looks at them and thinks they cannot get back on the road as Barkha said and he has to do something which Anuj wouldn’t like. Anuj clicks selfie with Little Anu and says I love you.

She asks why did he say I love you instead of say cheese. He says he wants her to remember that he loves her whenever she looks at this pic. Anuj joins them. Anuj informs that they are going on a europe vacation and takes family pic with them.

After some time, Anuj asks Anupama to get ready soon as everyone have already reached temple. Anumapama walks to him wearing a pink sari and dances on Hadd Karde Re Piya Hadd Karde Re… song with Anuj. Anuj makes her wear anklet. Anupama performs his nazar and says I love you. Anuj says I love you the most.

Shahs, Ankush, and Adhik wait for Anuj and Anupama at a temple. Little Anu asks why everyone are silent. Kinjal says because its a temple. Adhik asks why didn’t Vanraj come. Kavya asks if he is missing Vanraj and says even Sara should have been present. Ankush says Sara went to USA for her friend’s wedding and Barkha went to meet her brother. Ankush asks GK when will Anuj come. GK says they are on the way.

Anuj recalls Vanraj’s message before leaving the house. Anupama stops him and says she feels nervous. anuj says it happens after so much happened recently. Anupama asks if her nervousness has some meaning. Anuj says let us leave it on god and hope only good will happen. He holds her hand and walks out of house. They reach temple. Vanraj watches them sitting in a car. Anupama feels happy seeing Little Anu and Pakhi together decorating a pooja thali. Kavya and Kinjal complement their looks.

Anupama says this pooja is for even them. Panditji asks everyone to sit for the pooja. Vanraj watches them hiding recalling his promise to himself to take revenge from Anuj. Leela notices Adhik and Kavya busy messaging each other. Pandit asks Anuj and Anupama to perform pooja first. Heavy storm starts. Pakhi and Little Anu protect lamp. Vanraj messages Anuj. Pandit says pooja is complete, they can submit bhog to god.

Kavya calls Vanraj and asks if he is outside home. He says he is busy and will call her later. Kavya thinks what is he doing outside the house. Anuj thinks he will talk to Ankush after distributing prasad. He reads Vanraj’s message to meet him outside the temple and tells Anupama that he has left a voice note for her. Anupama prays god to keep their family prosperous always.

Anuj informs Anupama that he is going to meet Vanraj as he got Vanraj’s message. Anupama stops him and says she doesn’t feel good vibes. Anuj says he wants to end all the issues at once. Anupama says she will accompany him. He says she shouldn’t as there would be more issues. Anupama insists him not to go. He corrects her bindi and gives his pooja cloth to her and says he will return to her soon. He looks at Little Anu playing with everyone and leaves.


Anupama 9th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Anupama performs pooja while Anuj meets Vanraj who is waiting in Anuj’s car. Vanraj drives car rashly and makes an accident.Anupama gets a message that the car met with a brutal accident and both men’s condition is very critical. Anupama rushes to the accident spot and shouts seeing Anuj’s condition.


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