Anurag revives friendship with Prerna, Anurag holds Prerna in arms


Anurag revives friendship with Prerna goes against Komolika

Star Plus popular daily soap Kasauti Zindagi Ki 2 is gearing up for new twist and drama.Anurag has forgotten his past two years but remembers his friendship with Prerna.Anurag is more concerned and shows care for Prerna and family after he learns about Rajesh.

Komolika is not at all happy as how Anurag is again getting closer to Prerna and groving his friendship.Komolika and Mohini are trying to keep Anurag away from Prerna and more they try worse they fail.

Anurag’s car mistakenly hits Prerna and here Prerna tries to resolve the issue but Anurag comes out of car.Anurag apologize to her and is shocked to see that it is Prerna and shows his sympathy.

While Prerna asks him to let it go, Prerna tries to walk away but she couldn’t walk.Komolika and Mohini fails to stop Anurag from getting closer to Prerna fulfilling his duties of friendship.

Komolika fumes and shows tashan to Prerna but couldn’t stop Anurag.

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