Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 11th September 2021 Rani says to Sooraj I needot leave. She gets a rickshaw. Veer sees her outside. He recalls she said she needs to complete her project. Veer calls Rani and asks where are you? She says I am close to the place. Veer says I need to find out what is hiding.

Mausa ji and Kajri are leaving. Rajmata asys stay till Rani comes. He says our bus would miss. Rajmata says to Vikram we should try to stop them. Vikram says Mausa ji please stay. we will miss you. He pretends to cry. Rajeshwari sneezes. Mausa says okay then I am not leaving. Rajeshwari is mad.

Scene 2
Nandini says why are you forcing me to stay here when you don’t love me? He says I need to take revenge of the insult your brother Rani did to me. Nandini cries and says why are you doing Jai? He was not like that. She recalls their wedding and cries. Nandini says I will wake up your love. I won’t let my marriage be ruined. I will win my husband back.

Scene 3
Rani sneaks in the house. Veer comes. Rani says you look tired. Where is everyone? He says tell me what are you hiding? Rani says what would? He says you promised there would be no secrets between us. What is troubling you. Your eyes are telling that you’re hiding something. tell me. It’s my right to know. Rani says yes I am hiding something but for this family. She tells him everything from the start. Veer is shocked. Rani says I know you asked me not to but this was important for our mission and get what is ours. Veer says I told you not to..

Sooraj comes there and Radhika ji what ar eyou doing with him? Sorry I followed you. He holds her hand and says let’s go. Veer hits him and says how dare you touch my wife. Veer throttles him. rani says leave him please. He will die. Sooraj stabs him. Rani screams. She was imagining it. Veer says tell me what are you hiding? Rani says I was taking help from a friend to get everything back from Vijya. I don’t like hiding things but I had to do something to get my family’s happiness back. thank you. He says it’s okayl. You told me everything. I am sorry for questioning you. We are each other’s friend. I will help you both. rani says it will increase the danger. I am handling things for now. Rani hugs Veer. Rani says I can’t tell him.

Scene 4
Sooraj thinks about Radhika. Vijya says you look happy. He says my heart is sold. Vijya says I like that girl too. She’s worth trusting. He says she’s so pretty adn like a queen. I will make her mine forever.

Scene 5
The next morning, Nandini recalls what Jai said and did. Jai comes there. He drinks. Nandini says you’re drinking? He says you wanna join? She says I don’t drink. He says yeah you only drink blood. Chamoa comes there dressed like Nandini. Nandini says how dare you touch my saree and jewelry. Champa drinks with Jai and asys how do I look? He says mazing. Nandini says you are my servant. And Jai you.. He says shut up. Nandini says I want her out of my house. I can’t tolerate her.

Rani says I don’t know if I am right or wrong. Please help me MataRani. Shanti and Vikaas come there. Shanti says we got out job back. Thank you. Rani says don’t thank me. Thank Go. Rani says the real family will come back too. Rani says I need your help. Shanti says I am always with you. She gives a drive and says Vijay gave this and said this will help you. Rani says thank you.

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