Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th July 2021 Malini says you can’t do this. Jai says let’s go from here. It is true. Champa says I’ve ro go something. Rajeshwari says call the police. You can’t go like that. Champa says kusum left her bag. She drops it and cash falls from it. Everyone’s shocked. Rajmata says rani i gave you this money with haldu for poor people. Rani says how did it come in the bag? Champa planned it to save Jai. Kusum says that’s not my money. Jai says she’s right. Don’t doubt her. It’s my mistake. Rajeshwari asks Jai what’s the truth. He says everyone has a past. Kusum and I had a relationship. She asked for help and she was pregnant. I took her to hospital for abortion but she wanted to keep the baby. This child isn’t mine but I gave get money. Veer says stop lying.

Nandini says what about what you said? He says I never said it’s my baby. Everyone has a past. He says I’m tired. Your brother and bhabhi don’t want us to get married. I don’t want you to leave your family. Rani says don’t do this drama now. Veer says he always lie. Jai says it’s okay don’t trust me but I can’t tolerate anymore insult. Let’s go mummy papa.

Rajeshwari says stop. You’ll get married to nandini. Verr says what are you saying rani sa? Malini says Rani did this to malign Jai. Rani says that child is Jai’s. Veer says please stop this wedding Rani sa. She says enough. Come in Jai. Nandini says if mom had chosen him, he must be good for me.

Scene 2
The patients condition worsen.
Veer holds Nandini’s hand and says I wont let this wedding happen. Rajeshwari says so you’ll go against me? He says I can’t let my sister’s life be ruined. Sanjay says We should listen to our son. Rahmata says verr cares for nandini. Rajeshwari says I know what is right for nandini. Jai can give her the life she deserves and is used to. You all can be mad. I’ve done enough for this family. She faints, rani brings water, they pick her. Veer says it’s a panic attack. Rajeshwari says you’re all against me. No one trusts me.

Kumud picks the phone. The warden asks did you tell veer? Kumud says he’s very busy. Veer gives first aid to Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari says I don’t want it. Veer says please Rani sa. Nandini says I’ll get married right now for my mom. Vikram says are you crazy? Veer says to nandini i know you’re worried for mom but what you’re doing is wrong. Nandini says I know your care and love but I am not your responsibility.

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