Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 12th October 2021 Episode starts with Kajri asking Kiara to close the door. Kiara closes the door and asks her to let her take Vikram to hospital. Kajri refuses and threatens to make her fallen down like this.

Kiara says I will tell everyone, if you don’t leave him. Kajri says when you return, you will find Vikram and myself dead. Kiara thinks Kajri loves Vikram, I have to save him from this psycho. She sits down and says Vikram has done so much for you and asks her to leave him. Kajri says so that he can sit on your lap.

She says she is snatching her love and asks her to do as she says. Kiara says listen to me once. Kajri says why you are making me bad, do it as I say. She keeps knife on Kiara’s neck and threatens her. Veer comes back to the hall with Rani and says everything is fine. Rani asks Jai to sit with Nandini and get pics clicked with her.

She asks Jai to tell what is Nandini’s favorite color? Jai holds Nandini’s saree pallu. Nandini says yes, it is my favorite color. Rani asks Nandini about his favorite color? Nandini says blue. Rani says it seems both have so much love. Kajri and Kiara drag Vikram out. Kajri asks Kiara to call Rani and tell her that they went outside.

Kiara calls Rani and tells that they went out for shopping and will come after 1-2 days. Rani says ok. Kajri takes Vikram to the godown and asks Kiara to tie his hands and legs. Kiara ties his hands and legs. Kajri snatches her phone and says this is my last warning, don’t show any smartness.

She asks her to tie herself and acts crazy, saying nobody can separate her from her Vikram Babu. Kiara says you don’t need to do this, I will go from here. Kajri says Rani Maa will ruin my plan if you leave and asks her to understand.

Mama ji dances with Rani and Veer. Rajmata appreciates Mama ji’s dancing skills. Mama ji says you have danced well. Rani says this time marriage will be good. Rajeshwari says I was different before, but now changed. Rani says let us forget past things, and says I was also jhalli and used to say anything and learned so much from you all.

She says we will be happy always, your three children are going to marry, it will be happy moment. Rajmata asks Rajeshwari to move on. She says today our family is together, what else do we need? Rajeshwari blesses Rani and says it is possible due to her, I am lucky to get bahu like you. Rani says you will be double lucky as other bahu is coming, and you will get Maharani like feeling. Rajeshwari asks where are they?

Rani says Kiara and Vikram went for a holiday. Rajmata says marriage is happening now. Rani says they didn’t get time to spend together, asks them to understand that they need time to talk and sort out the issues. Rajeshwari says they could have talked at home. Veer says they are not small, will come back home. Rajmata says we shall take rest. Rani says we shall go and rest, doctor saheb. Rajeshwari says separately.

Veer says ok. Rajeshwari asks Jai and Nandini to stay separately. She says Kiara and Vikram are not hear, else I will have set this rule for them too. Champa thinks Nandini will not wake up tomorrow. She takes milk for Nandini and says don’t know what Rani thinks of herself, and sent milk for you. Nandini says if Rani would have known your truth then wouldn’t have sent you near me. She asks her to go.

Champa goes from there and waits for her to drink milk. She recalls adding poison in the milk to get Jai. She thinks she might have drank milk by now, tomorrow morning will be beautiful moment of your life, life will be set after she becomes bahurani from naukrani.

Rajeshwari is grinding mehendi for her bahus. Rajmata gets happy and says I was also excited for Digvijay and your marriage. They reminisce Rajeshwari’s mehendi rasam. Rajeshwari says it was special to me, as you have applied mehendi on my hand and wrote Digvijay’s name on my hand. Rajmata says you also let me apply mehendi on your hand, and says I had understood that I couldn’t get good bahu like you. Rajeshwari says she will fulfill all her wishes now.

Kiara and Vikram are tied in the godown. Vikram gains consciousness and sees Kiara tied. He calls her and then finds his hands and legs tied. He asks what is all this? Kajri comes there and says not Kiara, but Kajri, I brought your favorite breakfast. She asks shall I make you eat with my hands? Kiara cries. Vikram asks Kajri to open his hands. He realizes he is kidnapped by Kajri and asks if she has done this. Kajri thinks he is not understanding her love, but she will make him hers.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani takes picture of Jai and Champa hugging each other. She says, sorry Nandini. I know you will get hurt to know this, but this is the only way to expose Jai. Later, in front of everyone, she tells Nandini that Jai is not a right person for her, he’s betraying her. Rajmata says how they can accuse him without any proof. Rani says she has proof and shows the picture in her phone.


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