Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 13th July 2021 Nandini says I am doing this wedding with my choice. Every girl wants her wedding to be special. When mom fell I was so scared. I have no one except mom. You have Rani. I can’t lose her. If mom wants me to marry Jai I will. she says I will do this wedding right now. Nandini holds Jai’s hand and says come with me. I can’t let mom be anymore ill.

The wedding starts. Nandini and Jai make each other wear the garlands. Rajeshwari is happy. Sanjay does their kaniya daan. Veer and Rani are upset. The rounds start. Veer goes and stands outside. Rani comes to him. Nandini comes forward for the last rounds. Veer looks at her. Rani says to Veer we failed. She cries. The rounds are done. Pandit ji asks him fill Nandini’s hairline. He fills her hairline. Veer cries. Pandit ji gives him mangalsutra. Jai makes him wear mangalsutra. Everyone is upset. Panditji says you’re married now.

Malini gives shagun to Nandini. Malini says welcome to our family. Nandini and Jai take blessings from all the elders. Rajeshwari says always stay happy. Malini says Nandini is going home. She will be welcomed at our Jaipur palace. She calls the staff and says we will be home after kuldevi temple. Nandini hugs Rajeshwari and Vikram. She hugs Sanjay. Vikram says I am not stopping you. She says I won’t have. They laugh. Vikram says never worry. Your brothers will always be with you. Rajeshwari cries. She says my doll grew up. Nandini hugs Veer. Rani says I know it is going to be hard for you. You don’t leave your family behind. If you need any help, please always ask me. Nandini says if I need anything I won’t call you. If you can stay with my brother, I would too. Rani says the circumstances I was married in, I won’t wish that for anyone. But your brother is amazing. He was always with me. Nandini says so will be Jai. Rani says take care of yourself. I know his nature very well. He can’t pretend to be nice for long. Rajeshwari says you’re cursing her at this hour? Rajmata says we can say all this later. Malini says let’s go Nandini. They take Nandini to the car.

Jai says to Veer now keep your hate in control, because your sister’s happiness is in my control. Hope we won’t give each other reason to bother. He leaves. Rani and Veer are angry. Nandini sits in the car. Veer is upset.

Scene 2
Veer wakes up the next morning. He recalls what Jai said. Rani brings him breakfast. Rani says we tried our best. We should look forward to the future now. We have to stay in touch with Nandini. We need to keep an eye on Jai. The warden calls Veer and says patient 217’s condition got really bad. Veer says why didn’t you call on the landline? He says some Kumud picked up. Veer shouts and Kumud and says you didn’t tell me? A patient’s life was in danger and you cared about the wedding? Rani says please calm down. She thought you’re busy with the wedding. Veer says sorry to Veer. He says I couldn’t control my anger because you kept the message to yourself. He leaves. Sanjay says Veer said so much in anger. Kumud says I don’t mind but I am scared now. He says what do you mean? She says he must be conscious. If he’s the same person everything would be ruined. Veer’s life would change. Veer hears it.

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