Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 15th October 2021 Episode starts with Nandini asking Champa to tell the truth to everyone. She says Jai Singh will not be loyal to you, and will betray you too. She asks her to say the truth for the loyalty. Champa asks why I shall blame a good person and ruin his house. She says I have nothing to do with them. She asks Nandini if I tried to ruin your life. Nandini gets shocked.

Rani tells that she had taken their pic, when they hugged and tells that they wanted to snatch the property from us. Nandini thinks she shall be silent and thinks that he is changed, and Rani shall understand this. Nandini tells Rani that she is happy with Jai. Rani says why are you lying? Rajeshwari says matter is ended. Jai’s mother tells that she can trust Jai, but not Champa. Her eyes are on Jai.

Rajeshwari asks if this is truth, Champa? Champa says Rani sa. Jai says I am feeling ashamed as the innocent girl’s respect is getting ruined, and tells that she shall go from here, and work where she gets respect. He asks her not to get insulted because of him. He says he can bear anything, but can’t bear insult of a helpless woman. He gives her money and asks her to go. Champa goes. Rani tells that Jai Singh gave her money and sent her, so that he don’t get exposed.

Nandini says I trust Jai, and only I have right to take decisions of my life. She asks Jai to come. Rajeshwari asks where you are going? Nandini says they can’t stay here. Rani asks her not to go and apologizes to her, saying she shouldn’t have done this. Nandini goes to her room. Veer hugs Rani.

Rani tells Veer that what to do, so that Nandini believes her. Veer says you shouldn’t have apologized. He says I trust you and knows that everyone will believe you. Veer asks her to take idea from her mind, and defeat Jai. He says I am with you, just tell me what to do. He says these tears and crying, shall stop. He shakes hand with her.

Nandini thinks Rani wants her happiness and her happiness lies with Jai, and she don’t want to lose him. She has to trust him. Jai comes to Champa and asks her to stay in the storeroom. Champa says Rani says right, I would have get ridden of your drama. Jai slaps her and says I made you, else you was a Servant. He says don’t think of telling truth to anyone. She thinks Rajawats shall mourn.

Kajri tells Vikram that she will marry him tomorrow. She tells Kiara that she will send her very far from here, so that she never returns here. She takes a havan wood and hits Kajri. Kajri faints. Kiara opens Vikram’s rope. He asks for the keys. He says I will break the lock and asks her to call Rani. Kiara calls Rani from Kajri’s phone. Rani says she went to college and says why she is calling me. She picks the call.

Kajri gets up and keeps knife on Kiara’s neck. Rani asks Kajri to speak up. Kajri says my exam was fine. Rani asks her to do hardwork and come home fast. Kajri smirks. Next day, Veer and Rani come to Nandini’s room. Nandini asks why did they come? Veer says they want a sign on the property papers, and says it is written that you don’t have any rights on Rajawat’s property, after whatever happened with Jai.

Nandini says you people don’t believe Jai, and wants him to stay away. She says I will sign these papers and will prove that he just loves me and not greedy about property. She signs and tells that this is the proof, says will get ready for marriage. Rani and Veer leave the papers on the door. Kajri comes ready as the bride and asks Vikram, how is she looking? He asks what face you will show to everyone.

Kajri says everyone will agree once we are married. Vikram says it will be a compromise. Kajri says my today is you and asks him to agree. She says the bride’s face blossoms after marriage, if I am happy then everyone will be happy. Champa enters Rajawat’s house wearing a saree and covering her head with the veil. She meets someone and says I was coming to meet you.

Rani and Veer get ready for the marriage. He says I might have done a good deed that I got you in this birth. She feels shy and asks what word he will use for her. He says no word is made for you. Rani says I know you are worried, asks why? She says we will trap Jai this time, that he can’t come out. She says you don’t look good with tensed face.

Jai tells Nandini that she is looking very beautiful. Nandini says you are also looking handsome, and asks shall I wear the necklace given by you. He says wear this necklace, as it is suiting you. He sees Nandini’s signs on the property papers and asks what is this joke? She says Veer and Rani wanted me to sign, and to prove them wrong, I have signed on it. She says may be they have forgotten it here.

Jai says I did a mistake to marry a mad girl like you. Nandini asks what are you saying? Jai says you should have asked me before signing. He says you had nothing other than money and says Champa is more wise than you. Nandini asks do you love me or not? Jai says until you have money, you are my wife, when you have no money, you are just Servant then. He says I have nothing to do with you, I married you due to Rajawat’s property and not for you.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 16th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Champa tells that Jai Singh is a bad person. Rani says it won’t be good if black heart person goes to jail this way and blackens his face. Jai gets angry.


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