Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 19th April 2021 Veer and Vikram look around for Rani. Veer finds her anklet. Jai says I don’t know where she is, please let me go. Veer hits him. Jai says yes I abducted her and I will again. I care about Rani and Nandini. I can’t see Nandini upset. I was saving your family.. Veer hits him and says Rani is also my family. Veer says tell me where is she or I will kill you. He says I would tell you if I knew. He says Rani ran from here. Veer and Vikram are worried. Jai’s brother calls him. He says Rani is in my detention now. Veer says what.. I am Veer. He says Kunwar sa.. Veer says your problem is with Jai. Leave Rani. He says but to trap this Jai I had to do this. I took her ace card. Veer says what do you want? He says 20 lakhs. Don’t dare to inform the police. Otherwise, I will make you a widow. You have one hour. Veer says how do I confirm if Rani is with you. He says check message. Veer sees Video. Rani is with him. Rani cries and says leave me.

Scene 2
Rani is tied. She screams for help.

Sanjay says what is all this Nandini? Is Kiara right? Nandini recalls what happened. She says Kiara is right. Rajmata slaps her and says do you know the punishment of such disgusting sin. Sanjay says why… You did this to your own bhabhi? Why? Nandini recalls how Jai manipulated her. Kiara says thank God I had doubt on you. You would keep us in dark otherwise. Nandini says Jai did it on his own. I didn’t know of all this. I got to know after it happend. Sanjay says but why did he do it? Nandini says to get mom out of jail. He said he cares for me. Rajmata says do you call this care? He put Rani in so much danger. Is that what you wanted? Nandini says I was angry at bhabhi sa but I would never want to harm her. Please trust me. She cries. Kiara says are you an idiot to believe Jai and left your family in trouble? Didn’t you feel bad for Veer and your family?

Sanjay says because of you we are all in this condition. None of us has eaten, Rajeshwari has to hide in her own house and my sons are on the roads. we are all suffering because of you. Rajmata cries. Vikram comes in. Rajmata says where is Rani? Vikram says someone else kidnapped her. Sanjay says what.. Vikram says he is asking for 20 lacs. I have to get there with money. How is mom? Sanjay says she’s resting. Vikram says I will take the money. I will call. Nandini cries.

Vikram takes the money. Kiara says you only care about Rani? We should take Rani sa back to police station. Why is Veer taking such a big risk. Police will get Rani out. Vikram says she’s his wife. He’s always there for her. If you’re ever in trouble I will also.. She says you won’t do anything because you’re nothing to me. our wedding was an accident, a mistake. We aren’t husband and wife. Sanjay hears it. He is shocked.

Scene 3
Veer calls Vikram and says come fast. Jai says let me go. Veer says shut up. VEer says you’re going nowhere until we find Rani back. A woman calls from Jaipur university. she says today is the last day to file documents. Her admission will be canceled. Veer says she can’t come today. The woman says today is the last day. Veer says Rani worked so hard for this admission. She was so excited about it.

Sanjay asks Kiara you hid such a big thing from us? Why? Kira says actually.. He says please. Respect us at least. You shouldn’t lie in front of me. How did all this happen? Kiara tells him. Kiara says we don’t accept this marriage. He says why did you hide it? Kiara says I was already ashamed in the society and now this. So Vikram and I thought we will end it secretly. She leaves.

Rajmata calls Veer. She says how are you? He says not okay. I don’t know where is Rani. Her university also wants her to appear today or her admission would be canceled. I don’t know what to do. Rajmata says don’t worry. We will find Rani and her admission won’t be canceled. That’s my promise. Veer says thank you.


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