Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 1st July 2021 Rajeshwari recalls all that has happened. She’s angry. Rani gets ready. Veer says you look good. Rani says thank you. He says I will pick and drop you. Meher says it’s a commitment. Would you run away? He says yes but with you. Meher says you rest, I will go. He says the driver will take us but I will go with you. I will feel better.

Rani comes to Rajeshwari and says it’s my first day at college. Rajeshwari says what do you want from me? She says yoru blessings. Rajeshwari leaves.

Scene 2
Rani comes to the college. SHe says why do I feel so weird. Veer says are you okay? Rani says yes. He calls Ramo and says give Rani blessings. Rani says I am at the college. It’s amazing. He says my blessings are always with you. Veer says no one can stop you from living your dream. All the best. I will pick you. Veer leaves.

Scene 3
Sanjay says why do you make a fuss out of small things? Rajeshwari says people who are wrong themselves don’t have the right to give lectures to others. He says years have passed to that. You can’t hide your mistakes on it. Rajmata comes in and says you can’t talk to your wife like that. You’re wrong not Rajeshwari. Rajmata says it still hurts me that I couldn’t help you. I want to talk to my DIL alone. He leaves.

Rajeshwari says no one thinks about me here. I did so much for this family. NOt even you. you take Rani’s side. Rajmata says Rani is the DIL of this house. I am with you. Rajeshwari says I can’t trust those words.

Scene 4
People see Rani and make fun of her. A guy says sister did you forget your way? What are you doing here? Rani says I want to be an engineer. You’re my brother. Where is this class? They misguide her. Rani comes to the washroom. They laugh at her. Rani says joking? Tinku did the same. I know this isn’t my class. It’s the washroom. They say you known English? Rani says yes. He says tell us the spelling of Czechoslovakia. The teacher comes. They run. Rani says you scared my friends. Did you fail for 5 years? A guy says, morning sir. Rani says, sir? Sorry, sir. He says it’s okay. You are Rani, right? Scholar student? Rani says yes. He says those people were teasing you. Rani says they aren’t my friends.

Scene 5
Veer is at the hospital but he doesn’t feel well. He stops and looks at t man. He asks who is that patient? Nurse says patient 2017. He had been in a coma for so many years at a government hospital. They sent her here. Veer says, family? She says we tried to find it but I don’t think there’s a family.

Kumud comes to Sanjay and says you look worried. He says Rajeshwari connects everything to what happened. What will happen if she finds out everything about the past?

Veer looks at the woman and feels something. He goes into her room. Kumud says if everyone finds out the truth, there would be a storm. All secrets would be out. Veer asks the nurse for all the reports of that patient.

Scene 6
Veer picks Rani and asks how was her day? He says did anyone bully you? Rani recalls what happened. She says it was good. Rani says how was our day? He recalls the man. Veer says I saw a patient and felt something weird. I don’t know what it was. I am worried what’s happening at the house.

They come home. There’s an event. Jai and Nandini are getting engaged. Veer and Rani are shocked.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 2nd July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Veer says Nandini how could you agree even after know the truth? This man can never be anyone’s. Nandini says you’re also an outsider.


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