Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 20st May 2021 Rani says she spoke about Veer and Rani sa going to jail. She recalls Vikram saying Kiara’s memory is back. Rani says that means her memory is back and she’s doing a drama?
Veer says I feel like Rani sa will come out of jail. Vikram says these things take time. Veer says are you sure Kiara’s memory came back? Vikram says 100%. She spoke about all the current things. Vikram leaves. Rani comes to Veer and says I want to say something. Rani says Kiara’s memory is back. She remembers everything. She’s doing a drama. It’s all a lie. Veer says did she say anything? Rani tells Veer. Veer says Vikram and you’re saying the same thing. She’s doing a drama for sure. Rani says but why would she do this? Veer says I will confront her right now. Rani says I know you’re rightfully mad but maybe she remembers a bit and, not everything? Veer says I know how to handle her.

Veer comes to Kiara’s room. Champa says she went to the gym. Veer says I am in my room. Ask her to meet me right when she comes. Champa says there must be something. He looks angry.

Scene 2
Sanjay calls Vikram. He says why do you keep calling me? Sanjay says I know you’re mad at me but I am your dad. Maa sa isn’t well. Vikram says what? What happened to her? Sanjay says she’s so alone without you all. I am taking her to a resort for a change. She might get better. But I won’t be able to talk to you there. Sanjay says getting Rajeshwari out looks easier as well now. Vikram says we are also coordinating it. Mom will be out. I will talk to you later. Sanjay says you’re so mad at me that you don’t even want to talk? Vikram says you spoke about everyone. what’s left. Sanjay says now you know why people hide secrets. If Kiara is your wife tell everyone before you regret it like me. Vikram says it’s a matter between me and Kiara. I don’t want your suggestion. Kiara doesn’t accept this relationship. There are already so many complications here. If I bring this in-between as well it will become huge.. Rani is on the door. Vikram hangs up. Vikram says bhabhi sa.. Sit. I will go for some work. Rani says you can’t run away from the truth. Your and Kiara’s relationship..

Scene 3
Vikram goes to Kiara’s room. He says I will speak to her. Rani stops him. Veer says what happened suddenly? I will speak to her my way. Rani says I can’t let you do this. Veer says do you have any solid reason to stop me? Rani says I do. Veer says what? Rani says do you remember on valentine’s day Kiara was drunk. Vikram took her away from the house. They got very drunk and reached a temple and in the temple.. Veer says in the temple what? Rani says they got married. Veer is shocked. Veer says what? Rani says what Kiara was saying yesterday was correct. Just that it wasn’t you, it was Vikram who she married. Veer recalls Kiara said she was in a bridal dress. Veer says where is Vikram?

Veer comes to Vikram. Vikram says what happened? Veer says do you have any shame? Why did you hide it from us? We are your family. CAlling bro and considering one is differnet. Vikram says what are you saying? Veer says you never hid anything from me then why this? Vikram says the circumstances were so complicated, I had no courage. I didn’t want to trouble anyone. Veer says have I ever ignored your problems? You solve these problems together as a family. How can you be alone like that? Vikram says you are my brother. You know how much I trust you. This marriage has no meaning. Kiara doesn’t even accept it. What would I tell you? I thought I would end it with a silent divorce. Veer says what about you? Why are you silent? Vikram says I don’t accept it. Veer says is marriage a joke? Marry when you’re drunk and get divorced then? Is there any respect for marriage? Rani recalls how Vikram was worried for Kiara all the time. Veer says I have to tell everyone. Vikram says please don’t tell anyone. When we have to end this wedding. We won’t stay together. I will just end it. Please don’t tell anyone. Veer says go, I need time to think. Vikram leaves.

Veer says everything is so complicated, I don’t know what to do. Kiara’s lies on one side and then this marriage. They don’t accept this marriage. should I talk to Kiara? Rani says I don’t think she will accept. Veer says how will it solve? Rani says I don’t know about Kiara but I have seen it in Vikram’s eyes. He cares for Kiara. He loves Kiara. Veer says do you know what are you say9ing? Rani says he is scared to confess it. Veer says what can we do? Rani says we have to find a way out.

Scene 4
Rani says how will I fix this? Rani comes to Vikram. He says come bhabhi sa. Vikram says if you needed anything you could call me. Rani says I had to ask you a few things. He says are you okay? Rani says tell me quickly, do you love Kiara? He says yes? Rani says what? He says no. Rani says you said yes. You love her right? Vikram says don’t confuse me bhabhi sa. I don’t love her. It can’t happen. Rani says why are you looking away then? You do this when you lie. When Veer was questioning you I saw it in your eyes. Tell me what’s in your heart? Rani says why do you care so much for her? He says she isn’t well. Rani says like you were asking me to confess, do you also have such a case. Is there anything for Kiara in your heart? Vikram says I have no feelings for her. Whatever happened was when we were drunk. She wants me to forget her. Rani says so you don’t want that? Vikram says both of us want to forget it. Rani says okay. Rani says in heart I thought he’s the only blunt person in Rajawat house. But he is also lying. I can see it in his eyes. Help me make him confess God. Rani leaves. Vikram says how can I tell you the truth when Kiara and I are on different paths.

Scene 5
Rani comes to Kiara. Kiara says you.. What are you doing here? I booked your tickets. Rani says yes Birju packed things but he isn’t well so we had to stay. I got your clothes. I knew you would understand me. You love Veer a lot. Kiara says I love Veer a lot. Rani says I don’t want you to marry anyone else. Kiara says what nonsense? What are you saying? Why would that happen? Veer is the only mine. No one can come between me and Veer. Rani says in the heart in love you put other people above you. How do I make Kiara forget Veer.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st May 2021 20st May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani says I gathered you all to say that the moment Kiara had been waiting for is here. Kiara and Veer’s wedding. Kiara and Vikram are shocked. Kiara says what?


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