Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 21st July 2021 Veer prepares for the surgery. Rani says everyone is waiting for you. Veer feels weird. He drinks water. Veer starts the surgery. Rajmata Digvijay and Rani are outside. Veer’s hands shake. Veer feels numb. He says what’s happening to me. Staff asks Veer are you okay? Media comes outside. Rajmata is worried. VEer comes out. Rani looks at him. He’s numb. Digvijay asks how was the surgery? Rajmata says will he be okay? Veer says he will be stable. I feel weird. Reporters come and ask him about the surgery. Veer says he’s stable. Please move. He stumbles. Reporters ask are you drunk? You did a surgery under drinking? How can you do that? His license should be canceled. They question him. Veer feels weird. Digvijay says stop it. They say you should be jailed. You played with someone’s life.

Rajeshwari comes there and says stop this drama. Rani holds veer. Rajeshwari says don’t accuse Veer. Veer will be tested and a decision will be taken accordingly. The reporter says it’s your hospital and you will do the test? The result will be according to you as well. It should be done in front of us. The reporter nods at Jai. Rajeshwari says test will be done in front of you. rani wonders what’s happening.

Scene 2
Jai says no one will know what happened and how. You played such a masterstroke. Rajeshwari says he was standing in front of me. I brought him here and he went against me? I will take everything from him.

Vikram says how is this possible? Veer can never do that. rani says you are right. There’s something wrong. The test is done. The doctor says the report will be out soon. Rajeshwari says I am sorry to everyone. Veer says it’s all my responsibility. I don’t know how it happened. I am sorry. I want you all to trust me. Rani says I was with him all the time. Senior doctors take Rajeshwari’s signature on the decision. Rani says to Veer did you eat anything before the surgery? He says Nandini brought me kheer. Rani says why didn’t you tell me? He says she made it in her rasoi ritual. Rani says I know who’s behind all this. Rani takes Vikram with him.

Scene 3
Rani comes to Jai. Jai says let me get breakfast made for you. Rani says so you could mix the same drug in it? Rani says I have to talk to Nandini. He says she’s asleep. Rani says why? She ate the intoxicated kheer too? Where is she? Vikram says we will meet her for sure. Nandini comes and asks what’s happening? Vikram says are you okay? She says yes. Vikram says was something mixed in Veer’s kheer? He can be in big trouble. Nandini says you think I mixed something in it? I made it and ate it as well. Rani says it’s not like that. Nandini says stop accusing Jai all the time. Rani wonders how did that happen to Veer then? Rani gets a call and says what? I am coming. They leave.

Scene 4
Veer is upset. Rani comes to him. Rani asks what happened? Veer says everything is over. My license is cancelled. My career is over. I am not a doctor anymore. Rani is shocked. Veer says my dreams are over. I told everyone I didn’t do anything. No one trusted me. How could I do that to my patient? Rani says you can never do that. Rani says I will prove your innocence. What happened is wrong but you didn’t do it. Don’t lose hope. Veer says who will treat kaka then? Rani says in heart you’re still thinking about him? Rani says don’t worry about him. I will handle everything. Rani says something was planned amid all this.

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