Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd April 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 23rd April 2021 Veer recalls his moments with Rani. Vikram comes. Veer says we lost again. Rani is lost again. Birju brings one of the goons. He says this man will tell us everything. Veer says if you care about your life tell me here is Rani? Veer hits him. He says you can’t kill me. Veer hits him and says I can. He says I will tell you.. Goa. My boss has taken her to Goa. Veer says where is Goa? He says I don’t know. Birju hits him. Veer finds a card of a place. He says this must be the address. Veer says I am coming Rani. Birju says I will stay here with him so we don’t have to release him. Vikram says what about this Jai? Veer says I will kill him if anything happens to Rani. Birju says to Veer do anything to save Rani. I trust you. Veer leaves.

Scene 2
Jai says you have Rani’s info. Let me. Vikram says you aren’t going anywhere. Kiara says where are you all going? Vikram says they took Rani to Goa. Kiara says I will also come there. Vikram says are you crazy? Veer says we can’t risk your life as well. Kiara says I want to help you Veer. Please take me. Veer says okay sit. They all leave.

Scene 3
Veer comes to the hotel. He says why didn’t the kidnapper called yet. Veer sees a bangle in a man’s wrist. He says that’s the kidnapper. Veer follows them. They come to a place. Veer says let me go in and look for Rani. You stay here with Jai and Nandini. Veer runs the bell. A goon opens. Veer hits him. Veer says where is Rani?

The other one plays Rani’s video of crying. Rani says please let me go. Veer stops. Veer says where is Rani? I gave you all the money. He says we want more money. Veer says I will pay whatever you want. He says I thought the same but you called the police and hurt me. Now play with me. Play cards, if you win Rani is yours. If I win, Rani will be mine. Looks like you don’t know how to play. Jai says but I do. I will help you win Veer. Kiara says ho can we trust you. Jai says I am helping myself. If he finds Rani, I will also be released. Jai says we have to do this for all of us. Vikram says bro, Jai is our only hope.

Scene 4
They sit on the table. Vikram says start it. He says let’s call the one we are playing this for. They bring Rani out. Veer looks at her. He gets teary. Veer says Rani.. Rani cries. Veer looks at her in shock. Veer says are you okay? He tries to open the cloth, the goon stops him. The other says let him. rani says I didn’t lose hope for a second. I knew you would come. He says I couldn’t release you. Rani says you are here no. I am not scared. Veer says please let her sit. The goon says if you call the police again, I will shoot.

The other goon brings a chair with a bomb on it. Veer says what is this? Rani won’t sit on it. He says if you do anything, she will get a shock and die. Rani sits on the chair. They tie her hands. Veer is scared for her. He says only a number game can save you. All numbers count for their score. If you have less score Rani will die with a shock.

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