Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 24th May 2021 Veer says Rani sa? You’re released? She says weren’t you sure I would? Veer says I am very happy. I tried everything to get you out. She says but you didn’t succeed. But I wasn’t dependent on you. The case is closed and I am free forever. Vikram says that’s great news mom. VEer says I always knew it, you can never do anything wrong. I am very happy. Rajeshwari says it took longer because I believed you. I thought you won’t let me stay in for one day. Veer says I did everything. Vikram says bro did everything. Rani says we are so happy you are out. No innocent person would go to jail, neither you, veer or dad. Rajeshwari says you are such a drama queen. I can’t see you unhappy. This accident was because of brake fail. Veer says we should celebrate. Vikram says yes party. Kiara yes a party of Rani sa’s level. Rajeshwari says I didn’t even announce the good news but there’s a celebration going on here. You people don’t need anyone, not even me. Right? Jai says this preparation is for Veer and Kiara’s engagement. Veer says it isn’t like that.

Rajeshwari says you realized your mistake finally. Your place is with Kiara where I decided. Veer says Rani sa.. Rajeshwari says this is a happy event. Veer says I want to talk to you in person. Rajeshwari goes with him. Kiara says Champa Rani sa is here, everything should be of her choice here. And things she doesn’t like shouldn’t be here. Birju comes there. Rani says you left? He says I saw Rani sa coming. So I had to come back to protect you from evil people. Rani says everything got messed up. The trick attacked me.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari says I get everything. I thought you don’t care about me. I am happy to know that you’re leaving Rani. You made me very happy. Because of that girl I have suffered a lot. Veer says it isn’t like that. I am very happy that you are free. I missed your love a lot more. All that you saw.. Rajeshwari says it’s all clear. I am very happy. I am proud of the step you have taken for our family name. Veer says please listen.. Rani says let her rest. Rajeshwari says your habit of interrupting is still there? She says I am tired Veer.

Veer says to Rani see I told you. See what mess we have created. Rani says there are so many layers we can’t tell her right now. There is a right time for everything. Veer says I was scared of this only. Rani says things will work out. Veer says I have to tell Rani sa everything.

Scene 3
Jai serves orange juice to Rajeshwari. She is shocked. Jai says I had to get used to it. Veer has made my life hell. He made me a servant because of Rani. Rani made him do all this.

Birju says Rani end all this drama. Rani says you trust my trick right? He says just you. Please stop this drama, things will get worse. She can make Veer do anything. Your marriage will be at risk. Time to step back from all this. Rani says everything will be okay. Veer will never leave me. Vikram and Kiara will realize they love each other. Birju says she mus end all this. Rani will be in big trouble

Scene 4
Veer is worried. He recalls what happened. Veer says I can’t wait for things anymore. I have to tell Rani sa everything. Jai comes in his normal clothes and says hi Veer. Veer says who gave you permission to wear these clothes? Rajeshwari says I did. Veer says I had to punish him. Nandini comes there and says punishment for what? Jai says you came as well? I could pick you up. Nandini says mom arranged the driver, you were busy being a servant here. She asks Vee why did you do this? Veer says you know very well. He was behind everything. Veer says Rani sa, this man doesn’t deserve anything. Rajeshwri says he did all that to get me out of jail. His way was wrong but I can’t punish him. Veer says what about what he did with Rani? Rajeshwari says he’s our guest here. You are treating a servant well and treating a prince like a servant? Veer says Rani is my wife. Rajeshwari says Kiara will be your wfe. You have decided to marry her. Stop calling Rani your wife. Veer says I want to talk to you. Rajeshwari says Jai is my guest and he should be respected. I know what to do with the person who started all this.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th May 2021 24th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeshwari says to Rani if I try to take revenge for my insult, you won’t be able to ask for forgiveness even if you rub your nose on my feet all your life. Thank God Veer realized his mistake and left you. Now get out before I get you kicked out by security.


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