Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 25th August 2021 Veer says what are you saying? This hospital is mine. She says remember the signs? This hospital is also mine. Veer says I need to see my dad. Her goons stop him. Veer says what are you doing I need to see my dad. She says don’t shout. I will let you meet but on one condition. Ask you Rani sa to request me and beg me.

Scene 2
Rani, Vikram, Mausa, and everyone clean the house together. They clean the sheets and put the mattress on the floor. Rajeshwari says Rani sa please come sit. She keeps standing. Vikram says it’s clean now. Rani says I told you. He says how do so many people live like this? Rani says they part the house. Vikram says great idea. Let me get curtains or call a carpenter. Kajri says that’s not needed. Rani says we can make it from dupattas. Rani says better if he had sarees. Vikram asks Rajeshwari. She says don’t even think about it. They are expensive. He says where would you wear them? Rani says don’t worry. Rani and Kajri give their clothes. Vikram makes partitions.

Scene 3
The next morning. Jai asks Nandini where are you going? She says to my family. they need us. Let me bring them here. Their phones are off. They are kicked out of their own home. Who could do that? He says you are part of this family. You can’t bring them here. She says what? He says I asked you to get investment but you didn’t. Now they don’t have anything. Forget about them. Nandini says is money more important than family? He says yes. Even if they come here they will have to live like servants.. She says how dare you.. Jai slaps her and saw how daring I am? Never dare to be loud on me.

Shanti gives food and utensils. She says if you need anything let me know. I live here. Rajeshwari says never thought I would see days like these. I am neighbour of my own servants. Rajmata says let me help you Kajri. Rani says no. Rajeshwari says why.. She says Rani was right. When the family is together, they can go through anything. Vikram asks Rajeshwari how do you know that woman? Rajeshwair says I know her. She doesn’t give up. She doesn’t leave anything. Rani says is this an old animosity?

Scene 4
Veer recalls what Vijiya said. Vijiya asks her driver to chase him. They throw mud at him. Vijiya says I cried because of you. Now your whole family will cry because of me. I won’t give you a penny.

Vikram asks who is she? Why is she doing this? Rajeshwari says she’s my step sister. Vikram says you never told us? Rajeshwari says I had no relation with her. We were of the same age. I was born in royal. family. She was born in a poor family. She wanted my everything. I never descriminated. But she wanted my position as well. I ignored everything but she tried to kidnap me on my wedding and tried to be at my place as the bride. that day I broke all relations with her. She took revenge and used Ranvijay. Because my sister my family has to suffer. Rani says we are all with you.

Veer comes in wearing dirty clothes. Rani says how did this happen? Did you fall? Rajeshawri says are you okay? Where is Digvijay. Veer says Vijiya has him. Vijiya sits on Rajeshwari’s seat and says Champa, who looked better here me or Rajeshwari? Champa says you are the best. Veer says she has taken the hospital as well. she didn’t even let me meret papa. vijiya says I am at her place and she’s crying. Now Veer will tell her my condition. Rajeshwari says will he come home tomorrow? Why didn’t she let you meet? What does she want? Veer is silent.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Vijiya plans her next move. Meanwhile, Vijiya’s son, Suraj, is crossing a road with closed eyes. Rani saves him from getting hit by a car.


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