Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th August 2021 Veer is upset. He says how can I let Rani sa apologize and beg to Vijya? Rani comes to him and gives him new shirt. Everyone eats. Mausa asks Rani where is Veer? She says he’s not well. He will eat later. Rajeshwari can’t eat with hand. Rani asks Pinku can you make a spoon? Let me tell you how it’s made. Easy right? She makes one for Rajmata and Rajeshwari. Rajeshwari eats from it. The women come in. Rajeshwari says don’t you know how to knock? The woman says don’t you know how to treat guests? The throne is gone but not ego. Rani says what are you saying? The woman says they are so egoistic. They leave in anger. Rani says it’s not like that. They say you are not Rani sa here.

Scene 2
Everyone tries to sleep. There is only one fan. Everyone feels hot. Rani places a wet cloth on the fan and ice in front of it. It gets cold. Rani sleeps next to Veer. She says did Vijya say something bad? He says how do you know? Rani says I can read your eyes. He tells her everything. Veer says how can I ask Rani sa to do that? We have to get papa out. I am stuck. Rani says us. Rani sa won’t apologize it’s not her fault. Veer says but how will we get papa out? Rani says we will handle him. You should sleep for now.

It gets loud here in the morning. The next morning, Rani calls her college. She sees a blind man trying to cross the road. Rani runs to him. A car is coming towards him. Rani saves him. He looks at her and smiles. Rani says what? She says what? Are you crazy? You would have died. He says your name? She says Chandika. She leaves. The guy says Chandika. his friends ask are you okay? He says no.

Scene 3
Rajeshwari stands in the toilet line. Rani says why are you here Rani sa? I asked Kajri to stand for you. vikram says it got too late. I had to stand in the queue for so long. Kajri’s turn comes. Rajeshwari goes. The women fight with them. They knock outside. The woman says you took so long to change and get dressed? We have work to do. We won’t give you water. Rajeshwar says I punish people don’t give it. touches the button and there’s dust there. Rajeshwari says disgusting.

Rani says to Veer I found a way to make fulfill Vijya’s condition. He says what? Rani sats stand here. She says stand here. Pinku says Rani sa is fighting with women there. Rani goes there. The women say if are poor why are you here? Rajeshwari says we will leave. Rani comes and stops them. She says stop fighting. The women say your MIL wasted our time. Rajeshwari says you can’t fight with me. Rani says it’s not what you think.. You will all come to our place for tea. She takes Rajeshwari from there.

Scene 4
The guy is Vijya’s son. The principal says I will cancel Sooraj’s admission. He doesn’t study. Vijaya hits him and says you are new. You don’t know how it works. Sooraj laughs. Vijya hits the principal. She says don’t ever dare to say a word about my son. I can change all these results. I don’t care about them. Never say a word about my son. She says Sooraj, remember the last principal was scolding you, you did something. Do the same with him. Let’s go. Sooraj sees Rani in a girl there. He’s shocked. He recalls seeing her. He says I was dreaming of someone else.

Rani says to Sooraj Veer looks upset. He didn’t even eat. I was thinking if you say something he might eat. Rajeshwari says you are telling me now? My son was hungry. Rajeshwari comes in. She says I am sorry for what happened yesterday. I know you felt bad. I said a lot in anger. Can’t we forget everything and move on? You can punish me. I will do whatever convinces you. Rani records it. Rajeshwari holds her hands. Rani says I don’t have an option.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 27th August 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani says I hope veer succeeds. Veer comes. Vijaya says I will bring your rani sa in my feet. Veer says I can tolerate anything but my rani sa’s insult. Vijya says I won’t let your dad out.


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