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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 26th October 2020 Rajeshwari says the dining table isn’t clean and ready? Where’s the tea? She shouts Varun? He brings her tea. rani says is it your birthday? He says no. She says why wasn’t breakfast ready then? She calls all the servants. She says nothing is done. Varun says Ramo isn’t here to manage. She says did Ramo make you do your work? They all blame each other. Rajeshwari says enough. She says stop blaming each other. You all are useless. Kaki says Ramo managed everyone. A man calls Rajeshwari calls on her number. He says clear my bill. Ramo’s phone is off. She says how dare you to call me? He says sorry I thought Ramo manages it. Rajeshwari says take your money from the accountant and never call on this number. Rajeshwari says this is last warning for you all. One Ramo left, no one needs Ph.D. to do his job. We need people like you only which are a lot in this country. Leave everyone except Varun, Champa, and Kaki.

Rani meets a lawyer. He says the law is of no one. Details that you told me, it isn’t easy. She says I have proof. See this bill. He bought this bangle. If you show him this judge will leave him. Lawyer says what about his own statement? She says Varun told me you will help me. He looks at her bangle. He says it will be expensive, would you be able to pay? She says this is 5000. I will pay you more. He says my fees is 1 lac. Do you know how many zeros are in 1 lac?

Tinku comes to Rajesawri and says we need your help. She says how dare this guy come here? Take him down. Shanti asks him to come on the side. He says Rani hasn’t returned home. This city is new to her. She said she will bring babuji home. Rajeshwari says first his dad and now these kids. Throw this kid back to his dirty. She says to Kumud how dare he. So disgusting. He came so close to me. She gives her perfume. Kumud says a new man came in Ramo’s place. She says to call him in. He comes in and says I have planned everything here. Rajeshwari leaves and says Kumud, explain to him all.

The says lawyer says first 50k and then 50k after the case. She says I don’t have that kind of money. He says you can give me this bangle. You can take it back when you arrange the money. She says he gave me this with so much love. She gives it to him. Rani says I will take it back. She says will be out? He says yes. In one hearing. Rani says really? He says yes. Rani says I will book the ticket. Rani picks the money back.

Scene 2
Tinku is sitting. He looks at the chocolate. The new manager says hungry? Come take the chocolate. He gives Tinku’s hand in the box. Tinku screams. The manager says this city, people have to work to eat here. This isn’t your village. He slaps Tinku. Veer comes there. He says what is happening here? He says I am Hari. I joined in Ramo’s place. He was keeping an eye on the chocolate. I kept everything in control and didn’t let him touch. He says don’t worry I thought him a lesson. Hari tries to slap Tinku again. Veer stops his hand and says is this how you speak to kids? This isn’t your work. What is grocery doing out? Get it sanitized. He calls Santosh. Veer says do it yourself. Veer gives chocolates to Tinku. He says another one? Veer says it ruins teeth. Tinku says another one for my sister. She hasn’t been home since last night. She said she will bring dad back. She hasn’t eaten anything. Veer gives him another one.

Rani comes in and hugs Tinky. He says where were you? I cried all night. Rani says they will leave babu ji soon. The lawyer said he will get babu ji released in two days. Veer says 2 days? Which lawyer did you go to? She says a famous lawyer. She dances in happiness. Tinku dances with her. They both eat samosa together. H says this food is so unhygienic. She says our bodies have better immunity. He says so much oil and spices aren’t good for the heart. She says spices make your heart happy. She says you can take it. He says no thank you. Tinku says this chocolate would taste so good after samosa. Rani says who gave it to you? I told you never to take it from strangers. What if the man arrested you? Veer says I gave him this chocolate. I am not a kidnapper. She says who knows from the faces. Veer says eat your stupid food. She says it’s called samosa.

Rajeshwari’s husband comes and says Rani I heard you’re leaving from here? She says my mausi lives in churuk? He says Ramo gave 20 years to this place. This was his home too. And now your as well. You can stay here. Rajeshwari says let them go if they want. This is our house not an orphanage. Let’s go we are getting late. They leave. Rani says we have to take her blessings. Rain stops Rajeshwari and says babu ji really respects you. I want to take your blessings. Rani bends the chutney falls on Rajeshwari’s feet. Rani says I am sorry. Rajeshwari says stop this road time drama. Rani says I will clean it. Let me clean. She cleans it with a leaf and it stains Rajeshwari’s saree. She asks Vijay to inform Kiara’s family we will come in the evening. Someone’s stupidity ruined my morning.

Rajeshwari walks inside in anger and says what nonsense. She collides with Shanti. Rajeshwari says are you blind? She says sorry I made a mistake. Rajeswari says do they even shower?

Rani says to Tinku Rani sa glows when she gets angry. He says I want to go home. Rani looks for Ramo’s uniform. She sees someone in uniform and says babu ji. It’s Hari. He says have you seen my personality? Do I like your dad? She says who knows from back donkey or horse. Who are you? She says I am the daughter of the one you’re wearing the uniform of. He says so you’re that murderer Ramo’s daughter? Rani says he didn’t murder anyone. She says this is his uniform. He says it’s mine now. He will wear the prisoners’ uniform now. Go from here. I won’t tolerate useless people like you here. Rani says let’s go from here Tinku. We won’t stay here for a moment. Shanti says Rani. Rani says Shanti I got you some food. Rani says I am not hungry anymore. We took our stuff and I will handle it. Shanti says I understand you want his uniform but people are replaced here like this. She says that uniform is nothing for me but it was my dad’s identity. He lived 20 years away from his children for this uniform. Shanti says we are nothing for them. Stuff inside matters more than us.

Rajeshwari shouts at Hari and says where is my antique wristwatch. Nothing was ever stolen from this house. Rani says it’s needles are more expensive than your yearly salary. Rani says we are all equal. Is sunshine different for people? Is the color of their blood different? This mentality is more dangerous than anything. Rajeshwari says blo*dy labor class. You people take everything from us yet you show your class. Rani says even a not working watch shows right time twice. I will bring my time like that.

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