Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th August 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 28th August 2021 Veer sees hi Digvijay. He says I am here to take you back. I need to find a way. He gets teary. Veer sees doctor’s costumes. Veer puts Digvijay on a stretcher and takes him out disguised as a doctor. He hides Digvijay’s face. Veer says how will Rani get out of here. Rani screams and cries. She says to call my husband. The nurse says sit here. Rani says in heart I need to get out of here.

Vikram is locked in the washroom. Mausa says can you rub soap on my back. Vikram screams mom.. He says it won’t look good to call her. He says quietly. Why is my phone off? Mausa says come rub my back. Vikram is disgusted. Kajri waits outside. He says mom please save me. Mausa says why are you so worried. Kajri hears and says Vikram.. She opens the door and sees Vikram with Mausa. She’s shocked. Kajri runs. Vikram says I.. She runs.

Veer hears Rani screaming. He says how do I get Rani out of here. Veer sees a ward boy and tells him it’s him. He says take care of dad. Don’t tell anyone. I am coming. Veer comes in as the doctor and says we have to do C section. Go and get room ready. Rani says I am going. Veer says it’s me. Rani says did you find dad? He says yes. Rani says high five. He says let’s go. Rani says what about this tummy? He says I have learned from you. Veer gives her nurse’s costume. Veer and Rani sneak out. The ward boy stands with Digvijay. Veer says thank you. He says you have done many favors on us. We can do this for you. They take Digvijay out. Vijya is coming in. Veer and Rani are scared. Rani says she.. Veer says we have to go from here. They walk past Vijya. Digvijay’s sheet moves from his face. Vijya didn’t see his face. She stops suddenly.

Vijya shouts stop. Rani and Veer stop. Rani says run. They run. Vijya says catch then. Her men run after Veer and Rani. Veer and Rani hide behind a door. The goons look for them. Vikram comes as a doctor and says go to the OT. They have gone on that side. Vikram says thank God I called Rani and heard everything. You both didn’t tell me about this plan. Rani says I told you there’s no bigger power than family. Veer says thank you Vikram. I am glad to have a brother like you. Vikram hugs him. He says let’s go. Vikram says you both go I will handle things here. Veer says they are very dangerous. Veer says Rani take papa out. I will see you there. Rani takes them out.

Vikram says to the goons Vijya caught them. She is waiting for you on the seventh floor. Vijya sees Rani taking Digvijay in a rickshaw. The goons come there. She shouts what are you doing here? They say the doctor said you called us here.

Scene 3
Veer and Vikram come to Rani. They hug Digvijay. Veer says papa are you okay? He says thank you Rani. This wasn’t possible without you. Rani says he’s my dad too. Digvijay says may you both always stay happy together. You are strong together. Take me home Veer. Veer says in heart how do I tell you that home isn’t ours. He says I know Vijya. Rani told me everything. My home is where my family is. Rani says let’s go home. We’ll all celebrate janmashtami.

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