Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd June 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd June 2021 Veer says it’s useless to expect anything from m. whatever my relationship was with her, it’s over. Rani cries. Veer holds Kiara’s hand and akes her inside. Rani stands there in shock. He falls down. Birju says Rani control yourself. Veer stops but doesn’t look back. Veer walks away. Rani cries. Vikram goes isnide. Rani sits there crying. She recalls her wedding with Veer. Rani cries. Rani sobs and shouts. Birju tries to console her. Rani cries and says leave me alone, please.

Scene 2
Veer comes to the room. Kiara locks the room. Veer takes off the garland. Kiara says are you okay? Veer says enough of your drama of losing memory. Kiara says whatever I did.. He says no excuses. Just know that we aren’t married. We are only pretending. This wedding only real for people outside not us. We aren’t husband and wife. We are Kiara and Veer. Kiara says you want me to just pretend? Why are you doing all this?? This fake wedding. Veer says you don’t have any right to know anything. Just do what I ask.

Vikram comes in and says why did this appen? Why did you do this? veer says this isn’t just my room. It’s my wife Kiara’s room as well. Where are you mannaers? Can’t you knockc? Vikram says what has happened to you. You don’t talk to me like that. Kiara your wife? I don’t accept this marriage. You can’t ignore me today or.. Vikram says I want to talk to my brother alone. Kiara leaves.

Scene 3
Rani cries. She says I trusted you Veer Everyone stopped me from doing this but why.. Why did this hapepn. Birju gives her water. Birju says I also trusted Veer. But he turned out like his family. We trust anyone. We give our lives for anyone. We won’t trust anyone now. Rani says this can’t be true. THat wasn’t my Veer. It was someone ese. Birju says don’t take his side. What’s left now? Rani says there must be some reason. He can’t hurt anyone like that.

Scene 4
Vikram says if there was any problem between you and Rani you could talk and resolve it. I tried day and night to make you realize your love for Rani. Why can’t you look at me? Because the world will know that you love Rani? You can’t lie to me. Why did you take this deicison? Veer says your take decisions that are important. You can’t understand then go from here. I don’t need to explain to you. Vikram says I am not your patient. We are two brothers. I will only go when you answer me. Why did you do this? Rani fought the whole world for you. Veer recalls the video. Vikram says you ruined her love in a moment? Veer says I don’t need anyone’s love. At least not Rani’s. The only relation between us was humanity. And that isn’t left now either. Vikram says you can’t leave like that. Veer slaps him and says I told you I don’t want to say anyting. Vikram says you are lying. you love Rani and you can never forget her. He leaves. Veer sits down and says I don’t care.

Scene 5
Birju says how do I make you understand? Rajeshwari says he’s right. You are Veer’s first and last mistake. He married you and that was his mistake. He fixed it by marrying Kiara. It took some time. Birju says mind your language. Jai says who are you to warn Rani sa? She’s right. This Rani was seeing big dreams. She had to fall down. Birju throttles him and says don’t say a word against Rani. Rajeshwari says this isn’tBaliya. No one will clap for your cheap acts here. Monkeys look good in the circus not there. Pack your bags and get out.

Rani says to BIrju please go. I will call you. He says I can’t leave you alone between these demons. Rani says you wil ruin everything. rani says to Rajeshwari Rani sa.. Rajeshwari says don’t worry. I will send you with him. Are you shocked? When you acme here thought you’re useless but you were a maid. I was wrong for the first time in my life. DIL? You don’t even deserve to pick our trash. I was silent because of Veer. He gets ready to help anyone. I knew he wil learn from his mistake. He learned that there’s a huge difference between your and our world. She calls Champa and says I did your greh parvesh. The respect that you deserve, I am giving you a little more than that. If you ever try to come back, recall my name and face. Rani is shocked. Rajeshwari says the fear will stop your feet. Baliya wali Rani. Your time will never come. Get lost.

Rajeshwari holds Rani’s hand and drags her out of the house. She throws her bag out and and shoves Rani.

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