Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 3rd May 2021 Veer comes to rani’s room. Rani says Kiara ji you came.. I was cleaning the room. She says Veer and says you? He says are you taking your meds. She says you ask every 30 minutes. How can I forget? Rani says what’s in your heart? It’s made for the shells. He says I made it for you. It’s a necklace made from shells. Rani says then make me wear too.

Champa splashes water on Kiara. She says sorry.. Kiara says are you crazy? Champa says I was cleaning. Kiara runs towards her room. Jai says well done. Kiara will see Veer and Rani together. Veer makes Rani wear the necklace. Kiara is coming there. Rani says I really like it. It feels like a dream.. He says me too. Kiara says Rani open the door fast. Rani says she will see us together. Please go from here. He says but how? Jai says is there any problem? Jai says let me help open the door. Rani says you can go from here but it’s too high. Veer says how will I jump? His foot gets stuck. Jai tries to break the door.

Vikram says what are you doing here Kiara. Kiara says Champa splashed mop water on me. Veer jumps. Jai says you can come in. Kiara says why weren’t you opening the door? Rani says I was in the restroom. Jai says I will expose them. Kiara says wash my dress and clean the room. Get my Kiwi juice ready. Rani says Vikram will take Kiara out and I will easily go to Veer out. He had to jump. Rani recalls her moments with Veer.

Scene 2
Rani says when I come close to you I feel so happy. I felt this when I stayed away from you. I know how I spend those moemnts. Rani comes outside Veer’s room and says I will tell him what’s in his heart. She brings him tea. Rani says I got you.. He hides his foot. Rani says why are you sitting like this? He says I was cold. Rani gives him tea. Rani sees meds. She says are you okay? He says I was checking the medicine.

Scene 3
Vikram says to Kiara I am glad you cancelled the spa plan. She says Champa wasted my time. Kiara takes selfies. He says you take selfies with everyone but me. Kiara says so sad.. You feel bad. Come let’s take selfies. She takes selfies with him. Her head hurts. Vikram says are you okay? Let me get you water. He gives her water and says are you okay? Let’s go back. Kiara says I am fine. Vikram calls Veer.

Veer asks Rani if she can pick his phone. Rani slips.. Veer gets down to see her. She sees his swollen foot. Rani says what is this? You foot is injured. He says I am fine. Rani says thank God I did this drama to find out. You were not going to tell me. He says I am fine. It’s nothing serious. I slipped in the washroom. Rani says no I know it happened when you jumped from the balcony. It all happened because of me. He says that’s why I was hiding it from you because I knew you would start blaming yourself. Rani says let me bring you my paste. Veer says that masala paste? Rani says you will sell it for millions because it works.

Scene 4
Jai calls Birju. He says why are you calling me? Jai says Rani is found. Did she speak to you? He says I know but she couldn’t talk. Jai says how will she. She is busy with work all day. She doesn’t even have time to eat. Birju says what? He says house chores. She will call you later when she’s free. Take care of Ramo. Rani won’t come back anytime soon. Birju is worried for Rani. Jai says Birju will part them now.

Rani applies her paste on his foot. Rani says you have accepted village colours. He says because you want to make me one. What’s so special about this paste? She says it works every time. It has village blessings and my love.. Veer says what? Rani gets awkward.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 4th May 2021 3rd May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kiara says Rani did you clean my room? Rani says I will clean it in 10 minutes. Kiara says why didn’t you? Veer says to Rani I will tell Kiara everything. And if you can’t stand with me till then, I can stand with you. I am your husband. I will stand with you in every trouble.


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