Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th July 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th July 2021 Rani works on her project and recalls how Veer saved her. Jai comes.. He says writes to bring people closer. Rani smiles and says people get shocks too. She plugs it in. Jai gets a current. He screams. Everyone comes in. Nandini asks how did that happen? Rani says he was trying to help me win the project. I asked him not to. Jai says yes. Rani giggles at him. Rani says the same can happen to your life. I have a surprise for you in the room upstairs.

Scene 2
Jai comes to the room and says I am here. Chanda hugs him. Jai says you.. what are you doing here? She says you made my heart pound and doing this now? Rani locks them. Jai says open the door. Champa pulls him on the bed and says no one can disturb us now.

Rajeshwari asks where is Jai? Rani says you all have to come and see where he is. They all go with him. Rani says you see what I do now. Rani opens the door, Jai is close to Champa. Everyone sees that and is shocked. Rani says if you don’t trust me at least trust your eyes. His filthiness is in front of you. Rajmata asks Champa to leave the house. Sanjay says you were going to be the SIL of this house. Rajmata says you broke our trust again. Sanjay says get out of here. Rajeshwari says stop. Rajeshwari says we can’t unsee what we saw but I want to hear from you. Is this all true? Rani says you’re still asking him for clarification? Jai says it’s all right. What you saw and what Rani said. Jai leaves. Rani is happy.

Kumud and Shanti say to Champa shame on you. Champa says you also have an affair with Sanjay. Shanti says shut up. Don’t say such things about Kumud. Get out.

Jai says before leaving I want you to read this. He gives her a paper. Rajeshwari reads it. She’s shocked. Rajeshwari says stop. You won’t go anywhere. Rani is shocked. Rajeshwari shouts come here Rani.. Who wrote this letter? Rani says I.. Rajeshwari says tell me. Rani says I did. Rajeshwari says you wrote a letter to Champa from Jai and sent her there? Jai says yes. But I want to clear this in front of Champa. Champa comes. Jai says we don’t respect our servants. Champa started crying in front of me. when I tried to console her you all came there. Rani sent her there and she was scared of her respect being gone. Rani says he’s lying. Rajeshwari says you wrote this fake letter. Rani says he has had an affair with Champa. Rajeshwari says enough of your drama. Rajmata says Champa.. if you’re hiding anything this is the time to say the truth. Why would Rani accuse you again? Champa says she never liked me. She tried to lock me with Jai. Rani says they are both lying. Nandini says stop it. Enough of your lies. If you have a problem with this wedding, stay away from this house. And when I get married, you can come back. rani says how can I leave my house. Rajeshwari says it was my mistake that I accepted you. I only wanted to see my daughter happy. You better leave this house.

Veer comes in and says what’s happening here? Rani says I am trying to expose Jai but they all get me wrong. Sanjay says Veer Rani wrote a letter for Champa in Jai’s name. Veer says Rani did all that for this house. Jai isn’t right for Nandini. I won’t tolerate my wife’s insult because of a paper.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani says to Ramo Rani sa has decided the date of the wedding. Rani sees a man and recalls she saw him with Jai. Rani asks him what was he planning with Jai? He throttles Rani and is about to stab her.


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