Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th July 2021 Written Episode Update


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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 6th July 2021 Veer says I won’t tolerate my wife’s insult because of Jai. I won’t let Rani stay here myself. rani says I will stay here. Veer says we won’t stay here until this wedding happens. We can’t stay and see this. He takes Rani from there.

Rani and Veer come to the hospital. Rani sits. He says this is my hospital. Take permission. She says ask me who to take it frmo? He says from the skeleton. Rani says I won’t take any permission. Veer says aren’t you scared of it anymore? Rani says at night. Rani says to remove it from here. He says she has been with me for years. He hides her with a cloth. Veer says now she can’t scare my Rani. He holds her hand and says I know you’re worried for Nandini. But we won’t give up. Rani says we have only half a day. He says 12 hours. We only need one right second to win. Rani says tell me about that patient. Can I see him? He says sure.

Scene 2
Kumud says Champa was taunting me for talking to you. But that man.. Who could that be? He says we can’t see Veer in trouble. Stop worrying about it. Rajeshwari says what? I thought you don’t hide things anymore. He says don’t start again Rajeshwari. She leaves in anger. Kumud is worried. She says I have to find out.

Scene 3
Veer and Rani come to the patient. Veer says I feel something for him. Rani says what’s his name? He says he is called patient 207. He must have a family once who would call him with his name but now he’s alone and a number only. rani says we can call him Gintani kaka. He says why? Rani says that was my kaka’s name. I would always have fun with him. He would stay silent and speak very less but whenever he would people would listen. Veer gets teary. He says no one thinks he can live. I have asked them for 2 days but there’s no improvement. They will remove his life support.

Veer goes out. Rani says to the patient, I am Rani Veer Singh. Where are you from? My husband cares about you a lot. Nandini is trapped in Jai’s game. I won’t let this wedding happen. Rajmata and Veer’s dad Vijay Singh is also on my side. But my MIL Rajeshwari Singh Rajawat.. She never listens. He moves his hand.. His heartbeat gets better. Rani is shocked. Rani calls Veer. Veer checks him. the doctor says he’s responding. What did you say to him? It’s a miracle. Veer asks Rani to wait in the cabin. Rani says I hope he gets well soon.

Ramo calls Rani. He says are you worried? Rani says she’s getting married tomorrow. She’s worried. She tells him everything. Ramo says I knew he can’t be trusted. He came to the jail to threaten me. Rani sees the warden she saw with Jai.

Scene 4
Vikram says because of you Rani left the house. You don’t let her live. Rajeshwari says veer took her. Don’t overreact. Vikram says because of that disgusting man Jai our bhabhi had to leave the house? Rajeshwair says don’t say rubbish about Jai. Vikram says I would. He’s disgusting. Everyone can see that except for you. I know why are you doing this. He’s Rani’s enemy so your friend. She says Nandini, Rani is trying to save you. And you can’t understand. He says to Rajmata why are you letting this happen? Why are you not helping Rani? Rajmata says that proof.. Vikram says people can create it. Why did you let her go? She’s doing all this for this family.

Rani asks the warden do you know Jai Singh? Did he come to meet you? What secret are you hiding. He says I don’t know any Jai. Rani says answer me or I will call Veer. The man throttles her and is about to stab her. He says I will kill you before that. Veer shoves him and throttles him. He says how dare you attack Rani? Rani says he’s Jai’s man. He gives him news for money. They are hiding some secret about a girl. Veer says I will send you to jail. He says I will tell you everything. He says there’s a girl who’s with Jai. Her name is Kusum. Veer says I was her address. He gives them the address. Rani says we have to hurry up and reach out to her.

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