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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th July 2021 Rani’s college partners call her and say you didn’t come to college? You were claiming big things. We will all fail in the project. Rani says I am stuck in some house chores. I will compelte the prokect. We, village people, know how to work hard. He says you better handle your in-laws or study. Don’t play with our careers. They hang up. Rani says for now nothing is more important than Nandini.

Scene 2
Kusum opens the door. Jai comes there and says my billo.. SHe’s scared. She tries to shut the door but Jai comes in. He locks the door. Jai throttles her and says you thought you could help Veer and Rani and I don’t know? He shoves her on the floor. She cries.

Kiara gets Nandini ready. Nandini says I so wish you were my SIL. Vikram looks at her. He picks the necklace. Their heads collide. Rajeshwari sees them. Nandini says what are you doing here? Rajeshwari says what are you doing near Kiara? She’s a guest, not a family. Guests are downstairs Kiara. This place is for family. Nandini says, mom.. Kiara is my best friend. How can you say that? Vikram says it is her habit to bring people down. Kiar says I am sorry Rani sa. I was.. Rajeshwari says I chose you for Veer only. If you couldn’t get the older son you will get the younger one? Don’t play that game. Nandini says mom.. Rajeshwari says you are a guest better be that. DOn’t try to make a relation. You know how worse can I get. Kiara leaves.

Kusum sobs and says I didn’t say anything. I didn’t tell them anything. Jai slaps her and says don’t lie? Her head bleeds. Kusum cries and sobs. Bell rings. Veer is outside. Veer says Kusum. Kusum is screaming and crying. Veer says Kusum are you okay? He tries to break the door. Jai says I will kill you if you tell him anything. Veer coms in. Kusum is alone. Veer says are you okay? Who was here?

Scene 3
Kiara recalls what Rajeshwari said. She cries. Rani says I heard what Rani sa said. Don’t take it seriously. She says things in anger. Kiara says it’s not her mistake. It’s my mistake. I did so wrong with you. I had to suffer. Now I know how you feel. Veer was never mine. He was and is always yours. Whatever I did to you I am really sorry. Jai isn’t a good man. Please save Nandini from him. Kiara leaves.

Rani calls Veer. Veer does his bandage. Rani asks did she agree? He shows he condition. Rani says who did it? Jai. Veer says she’s too scared to say anything. How will we stop this wedding? Rani says give the phone to her. Rani says to Kusum see our Nandini didi. She’s going to marry Jai. The man who created so much fear inside you, and silenced you she will have to go through the same. If you show a little courage we can save another girl’s life. We will protect you from him. Please protect Nandini. Kusum recalls what Jai did. She says I will speak the truth. I will expose Jai. Rani says thank you. Rani says I will stop this wedding now.

Scene 4
Jai is worried Kusum might tell Veer. Nandini calls him and says Jai you didn’t do right. He says what? Nandini says if you had to do this why did you trap me. Go to hell. He was imagining it. He picks the phone. Nandini says you ruined everything. I didn’t expect this from you. Jai says I was.. She laughs and says I was talking about surprise. You said you will do something on haldi. He says we are getting married. Stop acting like a child. There’s a right time for everything. Nandini gets upset. Rani comes to her room and says the way Jai behaved with you for 5 minutes can be your entire life. Please stop this wedding. Nandini says don’t you and Veer fight? Stop trying to fool me. Rani says I wish you trusted me. But you will see the truth with your own eyes. I won’t let you marry that demon. Nandini is shocked.

Veer gives water to Kusum. He says how do you feel now? Did the pain reduce? She says I am thinking about the pain your sister will have to go through. Let’s go stop that wedding. She picks her baby. Veer tries to open the door but it’s locked form the outside. Veer says Jai did it. Kusum says he did it to stop us. Jai’s men throw petrol outside and set the house on fire. They call Jai and tell him it’s done. Jai says no more Kusum and Veer. Kusum sees the fire and screams. Veer is shocked.

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