Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 8th September 2021 Rani says I can’t take this off. These are a gift. Thanks for the bangles. I will wear them too. Rani says the new servants are useless. They didn’t even save you. You should get your old servants back. Sooraj says she’s right. Vijya says we will get them back.

Scene 2
Rajeshwari says sell my jewelry. We have to get money. Veer says they are our heritage. We are all trying. I am trying to get a job. Let me get you something to eat. She says in her heart I know what to do.

Vijya asks Sooraj what are you thinking? He says I want Radhika. I want to be friends with her. Vijya says she’s married. Sooraj says it doesn’t matter. Vijaya says you will get what you want.

Rajeshwari tries to sell her sarees. Kajri writes 30% sale. Rajeshwari says they are very expensive. Kajri says these are so good. Rajeshwari says they are banarsi sarees. see everyone. Women say they are so pretty. Rajeshawri says it’s 3 lacs but I will give it in 2 lacs. Everyone is shocked. Women say we will buy a plot in this amount. They leave. Rajeshwari says I can give 20% more discount. Rajeshwari says please see. Women check them. They are shocked to know the prices.

Scene 4
Jai comes home and sees Nandini reading a book. He says Nandini you’re reading the book? She says so you want me to clean? He says what else is your work? I told you there are no servants. Do you work? She says this isn’t my work. Champa can clean the house. she’s a maid. Champa sneezes. She says I have a cold. Nandini says don’t do this drama here. Get out of this house. She drags her out. Jai says Champa won’t go anywhere. Nandini says why? He says she is not well. She will stay here. Nadini says I want my phone. He says no.. Nandini tries ti snatch her phone. Jai is about to slap her. He says what can you do? What will they do for you? They don’t have money. Talk to them and give them more stress. They are servants themselves now.

Scene 5
Rani comes and sees Rajeshwari tryig to sell her sarees. Kajri says Rani sa is very upset. she couldn’t see any of her sarees. Rani says these days would be over. And saree.. She writes a board there and says come come.. She sells sarees in 999. Rajeshwari is shocked. Rani sells all of them. Rajeshwari says those were worth millions. You are such an idiot. Rani is shocked. She runs after the women. Veer laughs.

Nandini cleans the house while Champa sits. Nandini mops around her. Champa pretends to slip. Jai says what did you do? He picks Champa. Nandini says she will learn with time. Jai says what now? Nandini says why did you have to pick her? Your love was for me only. He says shut up. You’re useless. You made her fall. He says Champa take care. Let me know I will apply for balm. Nandini cries and recalls Veer and Rani tell her about Champa and him.

Rani’s friend Reet comes to give her an assignment. She says Rani didn’t come to college. Her assignment. Veer says in heart Rani didn’t go to the college? She lied to me. Veer asks Rani how was your assignment? She says everyone clapped for me. I should give this money to rajmata. Veer says what are you hiding Rani and why?

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