Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on teleserialupdates.com

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 9th September 2021 Veer says in heart Rani what are you hiding and why? Rani asks all okay? She says the assignment went well but I didn’t submit it. I was going to my teammate’s house to finalize it. I didn’t go to college. I forgot to tell you. He says Preet told me so I was confused but I can never doubt you. Rani says thank God I saw Preet. I feel bad about lying to Veer. If I tell him he won’t agree.

Scene 2
Sooraj says I want to go on lunch with Radhika. Vijya says will she agree? He says I don’t listen a no. she says I will make her say say yes. Do your work.

Rani asks everyone what do they want in the grocery. Veer says Penut butter and green tea. Vikram says we should get wine too. Rajeshwari says some exotic fruits too. Kajri says do they even know the prices? They never shopped. Rani says we can cut out stuff. Veer says any problem? Ranu says no. She cuts her things.

Vijya says if Radhika says no he will be hurt. She says what did you see in the Radhika, she’s married? He says she’s married not me. You promised you would convince her. If you don’t, I will cut my hand. she says I will do what you ask. Everything can be purchased with money.

Scene 3
Jai says bring my phone Nandini. Nandini slips. Jai says my phone.. You broke my phone. He shouts you are so useless. Rani says Champa made me fall. He asys don’t do this drama. Don’t blame it on her. Nandini says you are taking her side? HE slaps her and says shut up now. Nandini says you slapped me because of her I can’t stay with you for a moment. I am leaving.

Rani comes to Rajawat house. She says I won Vijya’s trust. I have to get everything back now. She sees a plot. The rickshaw driver tells her that people don’t know about this property. Two brothers had a case on it for authority. Rani goes there. A man asks are you interested in this land? A lot of people want it? Rani says are papers ready? he says yes. Rani says get lost. I won’t sign the papers. Rani says in heart I can make Vijya sign everything. I will lure her into buying this big land. I hope she doesn’t find out.

Rani comes to Vijya. She syas you’re shinning. rani says you have a bright heart and eyes. Rani says to Sooraj open geometry books. I am coming. He goes to his room. Rani says to Vijya I want to tell you about an amazing deal. Sooraj says Radhika ji I am ready with books. Vijya says teach her first. We can talk later. Rani says sure.

Radhika confuses Sooraj but he studies well. He says I deserve a reward for it. She says what? He says I want to take you out on dinner. Radhika says I won’t get permission from the hostel. And we are not friends. I am your teacher. I won’t go anywhere. Vijya comes in and says I am also coming with you both. You can talk about that deal with me. rani says in heart this is a good chance. She agrees. Rani says what will I tell Veer.

Scene 4
Veer goes for another job interview. Veer calls Rani. Rani is going out with Vijya and Sooraj. she wonders how to pick the call. Rani says I forgot my watch upstairs. Let me get it. Rani picks Veer’s call. He says what are you hiding Rani? Rani is scared.


Apna Time Bhi Aayega 10th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rani sees Veer at the restaurant and tries to hide by covering her face with a food menu, but he notices her. He thinks she said she’s busy in college project. What is she doing there? Sooraj pulls Radhika for a dance. Veer looks on.


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