Apnapan 11th July 2022 Written Episode Update


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Apnapan 11th July 2022 Episode starts with Ranveer saying I will tell her that I love her. Nick says just tell her man. He leaves in his car. Ranveer says I will tell her, Pallavi I love you a lot. Its morning, Manna greets Pallavi.

She says I had a good sleep because of the spa, I didn’t have my childhood. Pallavi says I can’t return the childhood, but I will return your mum. She asks her to call her Maa. Manna agrees. She asks Pallavi to make dahi wada, she loves it. Pallavi hugs her. Everyone calls out Pallavi for their work.

Pallavi takes the breakfast for them. She says everyone has to go for Mata ki chowki today. Barkha gets angry seeing Manna. Gagan says I get irritated by that aunty’s singing. Pallavi sees her children and smiles. Nani says I won’t come for kirtan. She asks them to go. Pallavi says you are coming with us.

Manna asks what happened. Pallavi says puja happens, you also come along. Barkha says you are inviting her. Manna says it will be an experience, I will come. Pallavi says Manna will wear Barkha’s clothes. Barkha says I want to talk to you, come. Pallavi asks what is it.

Nick wakes up and sees Pallavi’ earring. He smiles and recalls her words. Harsh comes. Nick drops the earring. He steps on it to hide. Harsh says you don’t care right, Pallavi took Manna to her house. Nick says I went to get her, but…. I will get Manna. Harsh asks how can you sleep in peace without getting her. He goes. Nick says I can’t sleep on peace, I really hate you. Barkha argues with Pallavi.

Pallavi says you are missing me, right. Nani comes to call Pallavi. Gagan asks Pallavi why does she always shock them, why did Harsh come here. Pallavi smiles and goes to Harsh. He says I came here to take my sister, Manna. He calls out Manna. Pallavi asks him to come inside. He asks Manna to come.

Manna says come in once, please, for my sake. Harsh goes in and wants to talk to Pallavi. He asks what’s your plan, why did you get Manna here. Pallavi says I want to get you here. Manna, Gagan and Badal try to hear them. Barkha says take your brother and leave. Manna says mom wants me to stay here.

They all argue. Harsh says you want me to shift here, you realized you have two more kids, maybe because you saw dad’s bank balance. She says I will give you neem juice, it brings out the bitterness. She says this is your own family, I will soon get you here. He asks why, don’t your kids love you. She says you don’t know what a mum can do. He leaves.

He opens the door. Manna, Gagan and Badal fall down. Harsh asks Manna are you fine. He takes her. He says you want to stay here, fine, I will send your belongings. Manna thanks and hugs him. Harsh says I m there for you. Manna says I know. He asks her to take care. He leaves.

Nandita comes to Nick and asks did you know Harsh also went to Pallavi. He asks what, he hates Pallavi. She says I doubt if he will come back or not, I want Manna and Harsh back, do something. He says I will call Pallavi.

She says she is too smart. He calls Pallavi. Ranveer says I will tell Pallavi my feelings today. He sees the ring. Nick calls him and asks for Pallavi. Ranveer says no, she would be at the Mata ki chowki. He ends the call. He says Pallavi can beat me with a slipper, but she won’t do this.

Nick says Pallavi can’t do this, I want my kids back. Pallavi makes Manna ready in traditional clothes. Barkha gets jealous seeing Manna. Nani and Pallavi compliment Manna. Pallavi says Mata ki chowki started. She asks everyone to just hurry up. Barkha thinks Manna will always remember this Chowki, I promise.


Apnapan 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap 😛allavi takes her kids to Mata ki chowki. She meets Ranveer. Nick comes there.


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